Powersolo perform at The Prince Albert

Never ones to keep things simple, Powersolo seem to come from the future, live in the past, but somehow exist in the present with their up-tempo rock and roll. This duo is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Known for their eclectic and eccentric music videos, featuring Mexican wrestlers, NASCAR racers and Oak Tree Girls. Paired with their wild live performances from sibling frontmen, Kim ‘Kix’ and Bo ‘The Atomic Child’, this Danish outfit is slowly amassing a worldwide army of loyal followers.

Although not recognised as a mainstream powerhouse, Powersolo has helped influence modern pop culture with their mystifying tunes; Baby You Ain’t Looking Right, Canned Love and I Love You But I Hate You all receiving premium air time in conjunction with international advertising campaigns and television features. Recently returning to their rock and roll roots, with a string of catchy guitar riffs and lyrical licks, that would not look out of place on a 50s-compilation record. The fabulous Railthin Brothers continue to surprise us with their style and certainly deliver a healthy dose of musical diversity; through ditties such as Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba, Sloppy Bird Boogie and New Fashioned Girl.

Catch Powersolo on tour for the first time in the UK, stopping off at Brighton’s Prince Albert on Thurs 2 March.

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