Prada Bags: For the Love of Elegant Fashion Statements

Irrespective of where you are in the world, carrying Prada bags can immediately enhance your outfit and create a profound fashion statement.

Prada – the renowned Italian luxury fashion brand is not your regular clothing brand that also designs the bags. Rather, it’s a brand whose main specialty is to design leather handbags, shoes, and other accessories. While it also has a wonderful collection of ready-to-wear clothes, it’s the Prada bags that made them such a major staple in the world of luxury fashion. So, let’s find everything about Prada and their bags from below.

The Great History of Prada

Back in 1913, the visionary Italian Mario Prada established his namesake leather goods shop, Prada, in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. In the beginning, the fashion house sold imported English trunks and handbags, as well as some animal goods.

It was in 1979 when Prada released its first set of backpacks and tote bags, made out of rugged black nylon and designed by Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of its founder. Despite some initial struggles, the first set of bags received some modest critical and commercial successes.

By 1983, the house of Prada began to expand with a focus in Europe and the United States. Soon, in 1985, they released the “Classic Prada Handbag” line. Sturdy, functional, yet very stylish in nature, the line took no time in being the signature design of the brand.

Refined and Playful Designs of Prada Bags

Being an Italian brand, Prada obviously showcases the same class, tastes, and elegance synonymous with Italian luxury. In fact, their success is often credited to their penchant for using materials only made in Italy.

However, what makes them unique is their unique craftsmanship, which is used to blend high-quality materials and give them the incomparable shape of the Prada bags. Whether it’s the handbags with classic bucket shapes or the shoulder bags with a strap, the Prada bags can be spotted at the first glance for their unmistakable details, and large oven motifs.

The boat-shaped, classic, nylon shoulder bags are also impeccable as a signature style, and a favored ensemble for women of all ages.

A Variety of Options for Women and Men

The House of Prada offers a great variety of bags for women and men alike. There is also a great range of unisex bags, which are suitable for every occasion irrespective of gender and different styles of outfits. Some of the current collections are very contemporary, while there is also a great range of classic Prada styles that stood the test of time and can still be considered trendy.

With a combination of materials such as the Saffiano leather, nylon fabrics, metal logo; Prada bags are suitable for people of all tastes. From pouches to backpacks, handbags to cross-body shoulder bags; these bags are capable of enhancing any outfit, creating a style that is casual, sporty, yet undeniably classy at the same time.

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