Prince tribute VIP area announced for Wild Life Festival 2016

As WILD LIFE enters its final countdown to cast off, the VIP area is today recast as ‘Paisley Park’ with all the extra privileges of a Prince theme. Aside from luxury loos, private vendors, and queue-less comforts, VIPs will be able to celebrate the iconic celebrity of ‘The Purple One’ in as one-off and exclusive a party as the symbol himself. With the promise of crafted cocktails and customised music for the occasion, this limited area will be as in demand as in vogue. Life is just a party & parties weren’t meant to last – our tribute to the greatest party creator of our generation.

Speaking of the topical restyling, curator duo Disclosure and Rudimental remembered Prince as both dream collaborator and constant idol. Briefly put in the words of Piers from Rudimental: “Controversy and Sexy Motherfucker made me rethink how I look at music, and how Prince must have seen music like Neo sees the Matrix. We couldn’t name the party area of the summer after anyone else!”

Wild Life comes to Brighton’s City Airport Sat 11 – 12 June 2016.

VIP Pricing:

£175 – weekend VIP ticket
£95 – day VIP ticket
£70 –  weekend VIP upgrade
£36 – day VIP upgrade (Saturday & Sunday)

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