Prioritise your health by trying one of these classes at Natural Fit

An innovative space with it all: a gym, spa, studio, cafe, lounge areas, Natural Fit in Hove is the place to kickstart your health and wellness journey in 2023. Using advanced gym equipment, impressive technology and incredible relaxation facilities, Natural Fit looks after your mind and body to ensure exercise is pleasurable everytime. 

Natural Fit is a member’s health club like no where else because it uses a Movement Screening to analyse your own personal strength and agility allowing you to make the most of your workouts. But after signing up to Natural Fit, and discovering the workouts and food ideal for you, what is actually on offer at this charming converted church? 

Animal Flow 

Animal Flow is a workout which enables you to strengthen your core and exercise your joint flexibility. By combining pilates, yoga, and callisthenics, this is a class which will improve your mobility in your day to day life, working to enhance life beyond the club. Using your body weight only, Animal Flow can be confidently attempted by all. Why not join Martha or Jack, and allow your body to be free and flow. 


A modern twist on a classic strengthening exercise, Natural Fit Pilates classes have the advantage of using the functional movement system to aid the workoutouts. You can use your bodyweight for these workouts, or the comi-reformers around the circumference of the exercise space. The small group classes also means you get ultimate attention from the instructors so that you truly get the best results from every workout. 

Movement & Core 

Movement & Core is a functional movement core which provides you with techniques and exercises which will gently reawaken crucial, forgotten muscles, for stronger agility, mobility and flexibility. This class is perfect for beginners, to allow you to really tune in and understand your body before you explore the rest of what is on offer at Natural Fit. It is designed based on your movement screening, allowing the advice to be personalised to your body. Reduce aches and pains and prevent injuries with these classes. Educational, functional and essential for your body is the best way to describe Movement & Core. You may even get the benefit of using the Natural Movement Frame, teaching you and your body how it should move. 


The best way to exercise both your physical and mental wellbeing is by practising yoga. Yoga is a disciplined workout for strength and balance within your body, and for finding peace and spirituality of the mind. Allow your body to flow and stretch at Natural Fit with a range of classes to suit all abilities no matter whether you are a yogi master, or new to the craft. Many of the classes are led by visiting Yoga teachers. 


Build and tone muscle; endure and energise with TRX training. These classes are full of fun and energy as you use the stunning apparatus to improve your cardiovascular health and target those muscles to get fit and strong. Make your way around the circuit, participating in the instructor-led exercises, and train that body to embrace the burn! 

Personal Training Studio 

The personal training studio is like nothing you have ever seen before. Haven’t got time to workout at a class? Head to one of the rowing machines or exercise bikes, and let an on-screen instructor guide you through thirty minutes of strength and fitness. You can tackle these workouts at your own pace, in your own timing and feel fabulous after. All you need to do is turn up, borrow the equipment, and push your body to its max. 

Natural Fit has everything you may need for your body: lose weight, injury rehab, build muscle, improve mobility, because there is so much on offer. You are supported by the trainers all along the way allowing your journey to health to be one that makes you feel comfortable and confident. You and your needs are at the focus of this health hub, so why not join this January? There is a Natural Fit in Tunbridge Wells, as well as in Hove. 

Member’s Reviews: 

“The facilities are first class with high-tech equipment, state of the art ‘workstations’ to do virtual fitness sessions and some amazing class options. The entire club has been planned to perfection, the bar and cafe area is comfortable, relaxing and with friendly staff.”

“Their knowledge and skill of training has made my time at natural fit even better and would definitely recommend the Personal Training services. I’ve been to a lot of different gyms in Brighton and Hove and this is by far one of the best spaces I’ve found over the past 7 years. Strongly recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful place to exercise and relax in.”

To find out more go to To book a free personal tour or become a member at Natural Fit, Hove go to or call 01273 284530

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