tom Kerridge Pub in the park
Tom Kerridge Pub in The Park

Pub in The Park unveil their most varied and alluring menus to date

  • Pub in the Park comes to Preston Park, Brighton on 14 th – 16 th July
  • Each menu features a Chef’s Special – a dish that first inspired our chefs or conjures up a personal memory
  • For the first time, the menus have been designed to offer a kids’ dish
  • More veggie options than ever before

The UK’s largest food and music festival

Pub in the Park unveils a summer of deliciousness with the most varied and sumptuous menus to come to Brighton, with veggie and kids’ dishes offered at every restaurant. From classic British pub fare to sunny Spanish delights, there really is something to satisfy every palate. With so many tasty options on offer, visitors will be spoilt for choice.

Highlights from the menu include; The Hand & Flowers’ Smoked Cheddar, BBQ Bourbon and Jalapeño Burger, Pitch by Kenny Tutt’s BBQ Pork Belly Bun, Tapas Brindisa’s Croquetas de jamon and The Kentish Hare’s Mrs T’s Crispy Chicken Slider.

Brand new for this year, Pub in the Park will be introducing a Chef’s Special dish on each menu. This item will be a personal take on a dish that inspired our chefs, or a wonderful memory they just can’t forget. Whether reimagining a family favourite or taking inspiration from a childhood holiday, each dish has a heartfelt narrative and history.

A glimpse at what’s on offer

The Hand & Flowers’ Chef’s Special will be Tom’s take on a classic Curry Dog. Tom Kerridge’s nostalgic take on a classic hot dog, served with curry ketchup, chilli and mint chutney with bombay mix. Kerridge says “this hot dog is a massive trip down memory lane, and reminds me of going for a deep fried sausage and curry sauce at the local chippy when growing up in Matson, Gloucestershire.”

Pitch by Kenny Tutt will be showcasing their Big Ken’s Special. Head Chef Kenny Tutt takes inspiration from his childhood breakfast and says and says “At home it was my Mum who was the Head Chef and a great one at that, but it was my Dad, Big Ken who ruled when it came to breakfast. His speciality was a banging breakfast/branch plate which opened me up to the world of big bold flavours. This dish can be eaten morning, noon and night and just conjures up memories of us all
sitting around the table, having a great laugh and usually talking about our favourite
subject. Food!!!”

Vegetarian options from every restaurant

For the herbivores, there are a number of plant-based delights, each restaurant will have at least one veggie option on the menu including; The Hand and Flower’s Vegetarian Hot Dog, Pitch by Kenny Tutt’s Truffled Cheddar Loaded Fries, The Kentish Hare’s Street Corn; sweet chilli glaze, vegan style parmesan, vegan cauliflower bites, vegan Peruvian green sauce and Tapas Brindisa’s
Albondigas Veganas; aubergine & spinach vegan meatballs, tomato sauce.

Due to popular demand, for the first time, every pub and restaurant at the festivals will offer a children’s dish, so those little tummies will be equally as content as the big kids, highlights include; Tapas Brindisa’s Croquetas de Jamon, The Kentish Hare’s Cheesy Chipolata Dog and a brilliant child friendly beef burger from The Hand & Flowers.

Tickets are on sale now from

See the line-up of chefs for Pub in The Park 2023

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