Q&A with Mallory Knox

On their first tour since the departure of lead vocalist Mikey Chapman, Mallory Knox’s first port of call was an intimate show at Brighton’s The Haunt. Before taking to the stage, bassist and newly-promoted lead vocalist Sam Douglas and guitarist Joe Savins took time to chat to Quinlan Barkerabout the local scene, the changing times within the band and new music.

It’s your first time in Brighton for a long time. Any thoughts on the Brighton music scene?

Joe: We’ve always had good shows here. In the beginning we played at Audio [now Patterns], this tiny little nightclub, and to come somewhere you’ve never been, expecting nothing, and actually have people turn up meant it was a great memory for us.

As well as a departure in the band, you’ve also moved from Sony to A Wolf At Your Door Records.

Sam: Being with Sony, we found out pretty quickly that the only people that care as much about your band as youisyou, and I think that going back to Wolf and having that personal relationship with people, even just talking about things beside music, makes a huge difference.

Joe: Within two weeks [of Mikey leaving] Wolf At Your Door contacted our management saying ‘let’s get a deal done’, and that was a massive appeal to me that they’ve taken a gamble on us in a time of supposed risk.

A new label usually means a new album. What’s the thought process behind your new music?

Joe: The principles of this band behind closed doors are ‘as old-school and as raw as possible’. We want to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll band, so why shouldn’t we be that? We’re not interested in fashion, we’re not interested in getting on the radio, and Mikey going has removed that blanket of expectation of what people want from us.

Sam: We’re really pushing the boat out and writing so much material, because this could be our last record; we are up against it here. So, if it is [our last record], I want it to be the best thing we’ve ever done.

Are you cautious or optimistic about the future?

Sam: It’s not even optimism, it’s more just ‘go and f***ing have it’, and if people don’t like it they don’t like it. As long as we’ve done what we wanted to with the songs that we’ve written, I don’t care.

Joe: We’re the happiest we’ve ever been, but none of us are naïve to the fact that we might write our best ever record and people might just not like it. I think we’re a better band now, we’re having more fun and writing better songs, so that can only be a good thing.

Sam: We played Reading & Leeds to 30,000 people and we still felt trapped, because we knew he [Mikey] was leaving. We’re playing tonight to 250 people and I’m more excited about this show than I was Reading & Leeds, because the weight’s gone now.

Mallory Knox’s new single ‘Black Holes’ is available now on all streaming platforms.


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