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Quality Over Quantity in Football Betting

Sports betting is fun and possibly profitable. For recreational bettors, it doesn’t matter how many games they bet on every week. However, those who want to make long-term profits as sports bettors need to pick the right games to find value.

Suppose bettors want to increase their chances of winning. In that case, they need to focus on finding a few games and do their best in handicapping (assigning advantage via scoring compensation to equalize the chances of winning).

To secure their earnings and protect their accounts, bettors may invest in endpoint security that leverages the power of cloud-based analytics. Such technology can protect their devices through a private or public cloud deployment.

This article aims to help bettors, primarily those considering betting on football, make fewer bets that may have bigger payouts.

It includes a brief discussion of quantity and quality in sports betting and vital considerations to ensure quality stakes.

The Quantity Sports Betting Method

The quantity method focuses on betting on various games. When a bettor bets on multiple matchups, they spread their bankroll around and hope to win 53% of their spread stakes or more to collect a profit.

A bankroll is the money bettors have set aside for sports wagering.

The quantity sports betting method is an easy way to earn a profit. However, bettors may still encounter a few problems.

The first issue bettors may encounter is that they don’t have enough time to handicap each game effectively. If they don’t handicap matchups well, their long-term results tend to be average.

The second issue that bettors may encounter is the tendency to be a generalist. It’s hard to beat online sportsbooks even if the bettors specialize in a particular sport. Although it’s possible, only a few bettors can profit from betting on many different sports.

The Quality Sports Betting Method

The quality method focuses on finding a few matchups offering the most value. When a bettor focuses on quality instead of quantity, they can invest more time in every game. They can also possibly make more significant stakes on games they think will offer them more profit.

The primary challenge in this method is finding a way to eliminate games that don’t offer much value.

Effectively handicapping matchups doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort. So, an individual has to be serious in learning it if they hope to win more than they lose.

Tips for Successful Football Stakes

NFL betting has a unique dynamic. In football, the sportsbooks list spreads where bettors can select the game they like and focus on what they feel complements their strengths as a handicapper.

Being selective on which games to bet on may seem easy. However, the challenge here involves refining bettors’ picks and focusing on these individuals’ strengths.

Below are a few tips for a successful football stake done through the quality betting method:

Focus on Value Bets

Bettors must look for a select number of “value stakes” with higher odds and bigger payouts.

This approach is more beneficial than reviewing all the NFL games and placing several bets. It’s even better than always backing the heavy favorites.

Bettors can pass on various games using this technique since they may have a 50/50 chance of winning the stakes.

Make Educated Picks

Bettors must make informed and well-researched selections. They should visit the NFL official website to know more about the upcoming football matchups.

They should also read various articles about their chosen team. This way, they’ll know about their standing and other pertinent information, such as key injuries, drafts, and rivalries.

Bettors should always stay updated on current events if they want to profit using quality betting methods. When they know what’s happening around the league, they’ll learn when to go big or go home.

In addition, when bettors keep a pulse on the league, they can identify opportunities well in advance, giving them more time to make stakes and strategize.

Be Patient

It’s vital to stay disciplined when looking for value stakes. After researching and analyzing, bettors may find only a few matchups with more value than other betting lines. They should know that that’s okay.

It’s normal to feel excited every time there’s a new NFL season. But instead of just chasing action, bettors should take a week-by-week disciplined approach.

This method may help bettors stay in the football gambling game up to the Super Bowl.


Some bettors bet on as many games as they like because they’re content with average sports betting results.

Unfortunately, average sports betting outcomes equate to long-term losses. Therefore, if bettors want to profit from this booming betting industry, they should find a small number of matchups weekly to get value stakes and handicap these games to the best of their ability.

There’s no 100% guaranteed success when betting on sports. However, if bettors are looking for ways to optimize their chances of winning, the quality sports betting method may help them make more money in the long run.

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