Comedian Rabiah Coon continues her Brighton Fringe debut, with Nice Try at the Caxton Arms on Sun 27 June 2021

Rabiah Coon brings Nice Try to Brighton Fringe

Comedian Rabiah Coon and was vacationing in St. Paul, Minnesota getting trained to ride a Segway for a city tour when she lost her balance and dismounted unexpectedly while still in the parking lot. She spent the afternoon in Urgent Care, the next four weeks on crutches, three months in physical therapy, and a year paying it off. Rabiah shares this anecdote and more about how almost every simple decision she makes, ends in some form of disaster.

It’s starting to feel like the universe is out to get her. In her solo show entitled Nice Try she delves into this, taking to the stage for her Brighton Fringe debut, this June. Audiences are invited to listen to how everyday choices can go horribly wrong and how Rabiah has managed to survive them.

Rabiah arrived in London from the U.S. in January 2020, which just proves that her timing for day-to-day life choices is somewhat off. But luckily her comic timing is far better, and her daytime disasters have formed a key part of her comedy career. She has been a regular in the online comedy circuit and is booked to appear across various dates all over London.

Comedian Rabiah Coon continues her Brighton Fringe debut, with Nice Try at the Caxton Arms on Tues 27 June 2021
Image by Emily Payne

During the day, Rabiah works in IT, thankfully this is a safe area for her as there’s little movement involved. Her experiences in the conventional working world have taught her that there’s more to life than work. This idea inspired her to host her own podcast “More Than Work”. Having faced burnout and questioning her own identity outside of her job, she created the podcast to share others’ stories and to inspire listeners to realize what she has learned, we are more than work.

Rabiah Coon’s Nice Try comes to the Caxton Arms on Sun 27 June 2021, as part of Brighton Fringe.  She will also do a run at Camden Fringe on Sun 8 – Weds 11 and Sun 15 Aug 2021.

You can also check out her brilliant More Than Work podcast, at:

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