Rap Guide to Consciousness review

Canadian Fringe First winner Baba Brinkman performed his Rap Guide to Consciousness at Komedia last night (Tues 7 Nov). He puts an urban twist on science using comedy to describe consciousness and more.

The stage was quite small with a screen in a dark room with candlelight tables. It was a pretty intimate setting for rap-music. Brinkman kicked off with his tune Brain-Cells Activate. There were animated images of a brain on the screen as he rapped about perspective and conscious hip-hop.

I was nodding along to the beat like a Churchill dog. Brinkman was joined on stage by Anil Seth, professor of cognitive and computational neuroscience at the University of Sussex. In between a series of rap and science talk, they showed us Google’s deep dream video, recorded at Sussex Uni. This showed us people passing in a street with multiple images of dogs emerging within the pixels. Brinkman admitted it’s what an episode on psychedelic drugs looks like.

I was mesmerised by the freaky image of a girl pulling a suitcase with one dog appearing near the wheels and another near her head. The finishing freestyle rap of topics was led by an audience Q&A which was enthusiastically joined in with by the Brighton fan base.

There were moments when I felt a little out of my depth, like when he mentioned the Bayesian decision theory, and I wasn’t expecting to ignite so many brain cells during a comedy show. But the Rap Guide shows are perfect for anyone interested in science. The intellectual topics are kept light with the rap/comedy, but your mind will be blown when you first hear him explain the Jennifer Aniston neurons. I guess you’ll have to listen to the Rap Guide To Consciousness to find out what the hell that means.

Words by Chelsea Kerley



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