Real Reasons Why You Should Stop Charging Your Phone Overnight

We all want to play online casino games for free and for real money using the new technology in our mobile phones and laptops. But when it comes to playing on a mobile phone you might run out of battery before or after winning real money. Therefore, most people prefer to charge their phone overnight whilst they are sleeping and not busy with their phones.

But, it is now known that it is not recommended to charge your phone overnight whilst you are fast asleep with not monitoring the phone. Therefore, which is why we have come to advise you to avoid charging phones overnight or while you playing online sports betting Australia games.

A lot of smartphones batteries are very temperamental. They can easily fail to last long hours, sometimes they just die unexpectedly while it is indicating it still has a lot of hours on battery. There is a myth that if you are using a smartphone you should let your battery to deplete before their next charge. Well, that’s no longer applicable on the newer batteries and not important at all nowadays.

With the new tech in place, the batteries in smartphones nowadays run better when charged not to full capacity – as they are more resilient and they have numerous charging habits.

Let us share with you some reasons why you should not let your phone charge over night

Leaving Your Phone Plugged in

Leaving your smartphone plugged in for long periods of time now has the opposite effect on battery life as most experts agree. Samsung have already highlighted that charging your phone overnight is actually not the best idea. This practice can lower battery life as it overloads it. And you will end up paying out more money on new phone batteries or upgrades, thus rendering your playing expereince on slots at games on mobile.

Instead, it is better to do the right thing and charge your phone during the day or when you are active so that you can monitor its progress whilst its charging.

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