Realising Your Eat Pray Love Inspired Getaway

To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice” is a quote from the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” After watching Julia Roberts travel in search for herself I was bitten by a travel bug. I had a desire to wanderlust. I feel inspired to look who I really am and do some soul searching. I would like to nourish by soul, culture myself with food, and experience love.

She travelled solo, something that has been a trend for some year now, in some of the most beautiful places we can visit. Although solo travelling is rewarding, it can be a little complicated. Let me help you narrow down the essential travel practices you need to apply and to make you focus more on letting go and searching for yourself.

Plan Ahead
Travelling solo means you are by yourself accompanied by no one. It is thrillingly liberating to be in the midst of strangers, not knowing a single truth about you. But you need to be responsible enough to plan. It is not all fun and games with travelling. You need to make sure you have created an itinerary that can loosely guide you amongst all the alluring, confusing activities and places offered by the country you are visiting.

Research about the country
It is easy to be mesmerized by new sights and culture but make sure you are well aware about the background of the country. Equip yourself with information that is vital to your travel like modes of transportation, currency, safety in your area, food, and weather.

Choose the right accommodation
Being alone and a stranger to a place poses many risk to you. At the very least, secure the right accommodation for yourself. It is nice to have a place you can call “home” for a little while. It is going to be your safety haven, in case your trip or activities does not go to plan.

Every step of your travel is your decision so make the most of it. Indulge in the culture, food, tradition, language and people in the country you are visiting. More often, it is not the place that mesmerizes you but the experience with the culture and people. They make travelling remarkable.


It is not only in Italy where you can find delicious food. You can try other cuisines from different parts of the world. Every cuisine has their own culture and history that makes them more interesting to it. You can spoil yourself with the light and healthy choices of sushi in Japan. Do not hesitate to try the staple Spanish food called paella. Simply enjoy South Africa’s precious street food, bunny chow. Or chomp on the variety of carnivorous plate in Argentina

Praying is not only for the religious but also for the mortals who are weary, lost and tired. Travelling is more than just filling your eyes with beautiful wonders or experiencing local activity; it is also used to enrich one’s soul. India is known as a religious country, believing in many gods, but many other countries express their belief as much as the former. You can surround yourself with the chants and mantras in Tibet. Experience a new way of relaxation by visiting temples in Thailand. Or kneel and pray in front of an altar in a church somewhere in the Philippines.

Be prepared while travelling to Bali, because you might just meet a charming man that can sweep you off your feet. But seriously love in the movie is about accepting everything that happens to you as it is. It is about loving yourself more than anything else. Putting yourself first before anyone else. Love every moment you have while travelling. Treasure them and learn from them. Do not go looking for love, but keep your heart open for love will find its way to you.

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