Red Bull Can You Make It? 2016

Red Bull Can You Make It? is an epic journey featuring 165 student teams from more than 50 countries around the globe, traveling across Europe using Red Bull as their only currency. And Red Bull are giving students from Brighton and Sussex universites their chance to get involved! A chance for Brighton and Sussex to show why it’s students are the most daring, adventurous, and brilliant, and to represent Brighton and Sussex on the world stage. So why not get the journey started: leverage your charm and strategy, excite your followers… and celebrate your triumph in one of the continent’s most spectacular cities!

If you’re a Brighton or Sussex university student with an up-for-anything attitude and a sense of daring, this is your call to action – because now is the time to apply for Red Bull Can You Make It? 2016.

Gather a team of three friends, create a one-minute-long video explaining why your team should be chosen and submit it at no later than Sun 14 Feb, 2016. Be sure to share your love of adventure, your smarts, your sense of humor – all the attributes that make you stand out as the perfect choice to master Europe with nothing more than cans of Red Bull and your irresistible charm.

Then gather support, because the teams that receive the most votes from each country will become finalists! After the voting period ends, a panel of judges will select the winners from those finalists. They will then be invited to fly into one of the five starting points in Europe – Barcelona, Florence, Berlin, Edinburgh or Prague – to begin their adventure, which will take them far from home, but bring them closer together. Your chance to be one of those teams starts today.

Visit for all the details and submit your entry by Sun 14 Feb 2016.

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