Retro Products And Styles That Are Coming Back Into Fashion In 2020

New Year, new fashion trends, with 2020 set to be the year that many fads from the past come back into vogue.

From 1970’s patterns through to puffy sleeves a la Henry the Eighth, there are various fashion trends coming to 2020 that are throwbacks to a time gone by.

This trend for retro items has also seeped into the consumer products space, with many solutions from the past coming back into fashion and being sought-after by the style-conscious.

For those who want to stay completely ahead of the fashion trends, here are some of the top styles and products that are returning to see in the Roaring 20s. From technology to trends in clothes and beyond, we bring you a selection of everything that’s going to be big this year.

Bold Prints

With the 1970s a key source of inspiration for many designers this year, bold, bright prints are set to be everywhere throughout the year. Create a sleek look by focusing on one pattern or make an eye-catching ensemble by clashing two or more bright statement pieces.

Portable CD Players

A technology trend that has crept into the fashion world is the return of the portable CD player. If you have an old portable CD player, dig it out and duplicate a few versions of your favourite mixtape for you and your friends to share whilst you’re all out together strutting your stuff and showcasing your cutting-edge style. If CD duplication is outside your area of expertise, just take a look at this duplication service which can take care of it all for you. You could even let them print your CDs too as that will make you eligible for free duplication. This is a great gift to give out to your friends and something that not many people are doing in the new digital age.

Bum Bags

The standout trend for catwalks and high streets alike, bum bags are here to stay in 2020, with many wearers now choosing to sling their bags over their shoulders, whilst others embrace tradition and wear them around their wastes. Use your bum bag to carry small items to clubs or bars to give yourself a splash of retro class.

Hoop Earrings

This trend from 2019 is here to stay, with hoop earrings set to remain a staple of catwalks and fashion collections throughout 2020. These classic accessories are an easy way to bring some retro glamour into any look.

Polaroid Cameras

Another stand-out trend from 2020, polaroid cameras remain popular among young people despite the increasing quality of the cameras installed on phones today. There’s something stylish and comforting about taking a photo and being able to immediately print out a physical copy. Many polaroid cameras offered today are hybrids, meaning that they both print a copy of your image and store the digital file for later, meaning that you can have the best of both worlds.


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