Review: Circus’cision – Those That Made The Cut

Circus’cision… sounds painful, right?

Be ready to laugh, cringe and cry at this raunchy, fun-filled evening of super-talented performers!

Opening night at the Spiegeltent was as bustling and busy – as one might imagine. Its recently erected but familiar fences stretching at the seams, every inch of the now extended venue area was packed full of the great and good or weird and wonderful out to celebrate Brighton’s favourite month and the start of summer. We edged along the flower bed towards the bar to grab a few pre-show drinks. One drink quickly became two, and while idly chatting to a new friend in the beer tent I realised myself and the party of eight that I was assumed leader of were about to miss the start of the show.

As I slid across the back row of a packed out Bosco Theatre, the lights went down for the show to begin. The strapping Aussie compere welcomed us with a few crowd-warming jokes promising the next sixty minutes would be an exciting, raunchy ride we weren’t likely to forget.

Highlights of the show ranged from a stunning hula hoop performer who carefully controlled multiple hoops with astonishing ease, to our Aussie compere sporting fresh wardrobe channelling Game of Thrones favourite Khal Drogo – his slighter male accomplice dragged up as Daenerys Taragaryen. The pair performed an amazing acrobatic routine that provided plenty of male eye candy and playful antics.

Other performances included a Cyr Wheel – a giant hula hoop which can be spun whilst the performer is inside – the most insane contortion show I have ever seen. It was like a sexy alien running through a series of intergalactic yoga poses.

Further performances included a witty Brightoncentric piano performance to add the live music element. Then, to top it all off, we were treated to a short show from the wacky minds of the mighty Zack & Viggo, winners of the Brighton Fringe 2016 Best Comedy Award!

This show offers a huge amount of bang for your buck, so if you want an overall view of some fantastic Fringe, I would wholeheartedly recommend picking up a ticket!

Tommy Doyle

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