REVIEW: New Single: ‘Lullaby’ by Hourglvss

A sultry and soulful track, Hourglvss release their debut single Lullaby later this week.

With an essence of dream pop and blending it with rich and atypical harmonies, Lullaby is a song you can almost imagine being played in a scene of Netflix’s Girl Boss with Sophia finding new love in an old bar.

Contrasting both the strong female lead with artistic vulnerability, the single has a vintage persona about it, while exploring the freedom of a new love.

“Send my love into another world” sang in a raspy yet enchanting blend of voices, the track explores a higher frequency love, complementing the band’s exploration of time and dimension. It has a sleepy euphoric feel about it, almost like the feeling experienced after a first date, a new beginning, packed with catchy hooks and filled with drums.

Lullaby is a dreamy love song, featuring synths that accompany memorable melodies.

Hourglvss, a two-piece from BIMM comprising Katherine Benbow and Sophie Williams, accentuate the ability to mix music with visual performance, their shows emanating the likes of Let’s Eat Grandma by incorporating digital elements.

They release Lullaby this Fri 23 Nov.

Follow them here.

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