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Review: Pier Pressure Escape Rooms

As we bid farewell to the glorious days of 30 degrees sunshine, I have that internal dread of ‘now what!?’ as we face the prospect of 6 months of grey/rainy days that lie ahead.

I suffer with the innate ability of finding anything to do socially in dreary weather, other than going to the pub or out for dinner (a serious worry, considering that I live in arguably one of the most fun cites in the UK.) Much as I love the theatre, comedy, cinema and other more cultured ‘evening out’, if you haven’t seen a friend for a little while, you really want a good a catch up as much as anything else.

Which brings me to my birthday weekend – having failed to have foresight to check the forecast (rookie mistake), it was starting to look like a damp day on the Pier or a trip to the Marina bowling alley – until one of my friends suggested an ‘Escape Room.’

I had been to a couple Escape Rooms in Brighton and heard recently Pier Pressure had opened just down the road from me, so I was curious to check it out.

I called to book and was informed Pier Pressure currently offer 2 different ‘games/rooms’ with 2 further rooms in development set to open later in the year. I was then asked my previous experience with Escpae Rooms and I was recommended The Pavillion Perplex, based on the difficulty rating of each of the rooms.

With my limited prior experience and a small group of friends with no escape room history at all, we arrived filled with anticipation and excitement, not knowing exactly what to expect – a very different story from a trip to the pub. 

We were shown to seats whilst an actor in character talked us through the back story and aim of our game. 

The Pavilion Perplex is set inside a lavishly decorated room in the Royal Palace in the early Victorian era. The aim of the game was for us as players to use our logic and dexterity skills to solve a number of puzzles, secrets and surprises to recover the missing petition and save the iconic building – all within 1 hour. 

For anyone who hasn’t been think “The Crystal Maze”, but with lots of historically accurate facts and period artefacts. You can ask for clues along the way if you do get stuck (which I admit we did have to do a couple of times) but I was still immensely proud of our team managing to escape the room with 5 minutes to spare.

Before finally heading off to the pub, we asked to check out the other rooms on offer. We had a sneak peek at the new rave themed game, set to launch in the next month or so and were shown around the Modrophenia room which is described as a classic murder mystery puzzle hunt with a twist where you and your team take on the roles of a gang of Mods in 1964 Brighton who are investigating the murder of one of their friends.

Unless you’ve stumbled across Jumanji – I am pretty sure you can’t have this much fun or adventure locked in any other room, so although I can’t say I’m looking forward to another rainy day, at least I know have a plan for round two! 

For more details, visit pierpressure.co.uk

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