sophie reid 280 days

Review: Sophie Reid – 280 Days

Brighton-based Hollywood actress Sophie Reid has released her visual concept debut album ‘280 Days’.

Sophie Reid is a power house in the entertainment industry, already winning roles in HBO’s Game of Thrones, Beauty and the Beast, and Barracuda. More recently she has been casted along side Sting in a new London musical.

Reid debut album ‘280 Days’ is a concept album, and includes two tracks which are split into two chapters. Chapter I named ‘Girl Fury’ and chapter II ‘Catalyst’. The concept is loosely based on the Greek mythological tale of Persephone and Hades. For those who are not familiar with the story, Hades fell in love and kidnapped Persephone, and took her to the underworld. When Persephone was giving the option to be freed from Hades, she chose to stay married to him and remain queen of the underworld.

Choice is a remaining theme throughout. ‘Girl Fury’ is a spoken word arrangement. With similarities to Bjork and Tori Amos, Reid quickly captivates her listeners transcending them into the turmoil, you can hear the conflict within her thoughts. “We get to change our mind, we get to be unkind and then find how to heal that choice”. The anguish of progression in this track can be heard, and the message that ‘choice’ is what is important to progress. There is an ambient feel to the album, with the soft and rich tones of Reid’s voice backed up by a classical choral on ‘Catalyst’, an essence solidarity that remains though out. Further into track Reid describes evolving through pain; the lyrics and the composition are both haunting, with essence of Kate Bush and BANKS, you can almost envision joining Reid on her journey finding the strength to stand up and rise again through femininity.

This record is extremely empowering, and has definitely increased the growing status of Sophie Reid being ‘one to watch’.



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