Review: Cabaret From The Shadows

After coming across a short preview of Cabaret From The Shadows, I found myself intrigued to delve deeper into their darkly comical world.

Walking into The Warren theatre I instantly feel like I’ve stepped through the looking glass into the land of the lost children and forgotten toys, of escaped patients and forbidden rituals. The stage is dressed with oversized, patched, black and white striped curtains, and the show begins with a pulsing menacing musical number. Our international troupe of actors take to the stage, wearing a ragged mix of turn-of-the-century garments, clowning clothes and heavy ghoulish makeup almost disguising their devilish good looks – and an intensity in their eyes that draws the audience in like a moth to a flame… for an unknown fate.

Cabaret From The Shadows pickpockets a plethora of theatrical traditions, weaving them flawlessly into a beguilingly repulsive patchwork of fun! Consisting of a series of vignettes echoing the French Bouffon theatre tradition, the show mocks the establishment by holding up a circus-like mirror to distort the world, exasperating the grotesque and absurd for comic effect – tonight, no subject is taboo. The performance is accompanied by live music from accordion and guitar, giving the show a gypsy-like edge and allowing the tempo to ebb and flow with the ferocity of performance. Each menacing character has their moment to tell a tale through song, dance and a rusty toolbox of hilariously horrible props, with some fantastic elements of utterly engaging, immersive audience participation to truly complete the night!

For fans of Tim Burton and Rocky Horror or lovers of off-beat, noir comedy such as Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place and The League of Gentlemen, Cabaret From The Shadows is an absolute must!

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