Ritu Sandhi

Ritu Sandhi – A seasonal Ayurvedic immersion

Does your new year usually start with resolutions that are ambitious and by the end of January it’s all fizzled out? What if there was a centuries-old practice that could help you sustain that drive throughout the year? Enter Ayurveda, the sibling science to Yoga, which offers a timeless foundation to lead your best life by bringing you back to your unique balance. It achieves this through a blend of food, herbs, therapies, and lifestyle adjustments.

What better time to do this than the new year? Small steps are the key to development of sustainable habits for the long term. Ayurveda takes a preventative approach so that you can take control of your health well before it has a lasting impact on your life. 

Here are some ways from Ayurveda to lay the groundwork for long-term health:

  1. Bring back routine – Consistency in how you go through your day is really helpful in letting your mind and body feel grounded and stable and able to sustain energy in a more balanced way. This means things like waking up and sleeping at the same time and eating your meals at a similar time. 
  2. Morning rituals – How you start the day will dictate how the rest of it will go. Aside from brushing your teeth, Tongue scraping is a gentle practice to remove toxins from the surface and stimulate digestion, complements your morning routine and is far less daunting than it sounds. Consider using a copper or steel tongue scraper for best results.
  3. Get moving – Gentle exercise on an empty stomach is a really good way to support your body and how it functions in the long term. In the morning shortly after waking up is a great time to incorporate some low impact movement like stretching, mobility exercises, yoga, pilates or a walk. Finish up your morning before breakfast with a warm shower and you’re off to a flying start!
  4. Optimise digestion – Instead of coffee on an empty stomach, switch it out for hot water to be the first thing you drink. First thing in the morning, it’s one of the best ways to wake up your insides and get your cells to do what they do best. Help your liver along too with a squeeze of lemon in Winter and Spring.
  5. Make a meal of it – Your body loves warm things and that’s exactly what your meals should ideally be; cooked, warm and as fresh as possible. How can you make that happen when it comes to cooking your meals at home or eating out? Take it one step further and take the time to sit and be with your food, away from screens. 
  6. Prioritise Sleep – Set the stage for a good day by ensuring a settled night’s sleep. Consider going to bed earlier, avoiding screens before bedtime, or indulging in a relaxing foot massage with a simple oil to help unwind.

The next best place to start is at a seasonal transition. Why? Because in Ayurveda, the seasons influence us more than we think. Those colds, flus, seasonal allergies that happen each season? That’s your body struggling to adapt. These junctions of change are the perfect time to introduce a little cleansing and tweak of your nutrition so that you can let go of one season and glide into the next. As Winter’s grip begins to ease, prepare yourself to embrace the energy of the approaching days by melting away the heaviness.

There’s a place you can learn and experience this too – join us at Ritu Sandhi – A seasonal Ayurvedic immersion. Ritu Sandhi, pronounced [ritoo – sun – dhee] is the Sanskrit word for seasonal junction. Join us for a day dedicated to practical wisdom for living well through the seasons, using ingredients from your kitchen and adapting your lifestyle. All tied up with a delicious, seasonal Ayurvedic meal to nourish you.

Sounds good? Reserve your spot by visiting www.ritusandhi.co.uk

Details : Sunday 17 March 2024 / 10am – 4pm / The Studio, Brighton.

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