Robotnik’s Prince Tribute

In the last ten years, the dancefloor has greatly evolved from where it started. We’ve moved on hugely – from a DJ with a pair of Technics playing records for hours on end, to expecting something much bigger now. Since the reveal of Daft Punk’s pyramid at Coachella 2006, the industry has not only wanted to compete with it, but to better it more and more. Nowadays, we’re expected not to close our eyes and listen in euphoria, but to stare directly towards the DJ, count to four, and jump with elation when the ‘drop’ kicks in.

In Brighton we’re lucky to have such an expansive and expressive nightlife scene, but we almost take all our fantastic DJs and live artists for granted. Unfortunately, with so much talent around there isn’t always a space for artists to be discovered. Robotnik aims to be that place – a collective with an open door policy to music talent and creativity. Damien Fell & Trickstar Radio presenter Gareth Evans are attempting to bridge the gap between live artists and DJs, and to do so they have picked three incredible artists to celebrate the life of one of the greatest performers the world has ever seen.

One year ago the world joined together to lament a man who, in his lifetime, instilled a sense of beauty back into the world – and he did it with sex, debauchery and rock’n’roll. On April 21st people will gather once again to celebrate his life, his memory and his music. In honour of Prince, Robotnik’s one and only aim is to get people dancing once again.

Joining Gareth is rising star and XOYO resident, Kiwi. Producer and head honcho at Orlando Boom and Kate Boss, Kiwi is no stranger to all things purple. His long standing party Kate Boss has seen the likes of Joey Negro, Psychemagik and Felix Dickinson joining in what has become a staple on the London club scene. And he knows his Prince.

With all that said, the show would not be complete without a live element. So, Robotnik have recruited Brighton’s favourite long-standing, party-starting, post-disco groove machines: Transformer. Prince disciples in their own right, from ‘80s synths to chugging funk basslines and infectious beats, their live shows are renowned for tearing up venues and festivals from Glastonbury to Razzmatazz – and with a new EP on the horizon, they’re sure to bring the house down.

For Prince fans out there, this is going to be a night to remember.

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