rock house festival

Local festival brings together learning disabled bands and established musicians

The Rock House Festival 2018 returns to Green Door Store at the end of this month (Sat 28 Jul), bringing together learning disabled bands and upcoming and established music-makers from Brighton and beyond for a day of live music. 

Produced by arts charity Carousel, who have been changing expectations of learning disabled art since 1982, Rock House Festival was created out of Carousels monthly Rock House gigs, aiming to ensure learning disabled musicians have the music outlet they want and deserve.

An open-minded and open to all event, the festival features a diverse mix of performers – 10 bands across two sessions, 1-5pm and 6-10pm – brought together by their love of live music.

Gareth Evans, senior music producer at Carousel, said: “When we take away the definitions and just listen to the noise everyone gets it. There are so many brilliant spin-offs from programming a festival in this way. Performers get to share ideas and influences and audiences have a rare chance to experience a very special energy.

“It’s not like any other music festival. Integration is a bit of a buzzword but by putting everyone in the room together and focusing on the music the results can be amazing.”

The line-up for Rock House Festival 2018, is equally strong and includes among others: neo future funk, hip hop and house from Electric Fire; rock band Beat Express, veterans of the learning disabled music scene; psych-indie six-piece Other States, and garage party band The Sticks, plus many more amazing artists.


The Rock House Festival 2018

DATE – Sat 28 Jul
TIME – Doors: 12.30pm / Afternoon: 1pm – 5pm / Evening: 6pm – 10pm
VENUE – Green Door Store, Trafalgar Arches, Brighton
ENTRY – £10 day ticket / £6 half day ticket + booking fee
EARLY BIRD DAY TICKETS – £8 + booking fee

AGE – 16+

Full line-up and information here.

Tickets: £8 (Early Bird Day Ticket), £10 (Day Ticket), £6 (Half Day Ticket)

Early Bird Day Tickets (and all other tickets) are now on sale here.

Watch highlights from The Rock House Festival 2017 

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