BN1 chats with…Rory Indiana

In 2014, four students at BIMM Brighton formed a band named Rory Indiana. Fast forward to today and those same four friends are currently cramped in a van, excitedly travelling the road on their first UK headline tour.

Rory Kaye, the band’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist, alongside bassist Dan Ely, Ben Clement on lead guitar, and drummer Josh Gale have come a long way in a short time and it’s all thanks to a blend of hard work, raw talent, their unique sound, and some crucial skills they gathered in their time as students at BIMM.

Between gigs, we asked Rory how their days at BIMM had prepared them for what to expect from life as a working band.

“BIMM offers you the chance to work on miniature versions of various things that happen in the music industry. The end of term gigs, for example, are quite similar to how a music festival might run, rolling your gear on, line checking and playing, all with much haste! It’s really good in that respect. It’s a great place to learn and to get to grips with live music and what works efficiently and what people will engage with.”

How about the realities of touring?

“It’s difficult, because someone explaining what it’s like to go on tour, for example, can be very different from the reality! It’s good to watch documentaries that other bands put out – [100 Days] by Architects is a good example – as it really shows the high and low points of touring that come about. It’s nice to know it happens at any stage of a band’s career!”

Touring is the ultimate chance to win over new fans by doing what a band does best, on stage and in the flesh. Have the band been getting nervous or excited about meeting their new Rory Indiana fans on these UK tour dates?

“Excited, definitely excited about it. It’s always fun meeting new people; it’s a really humbling feeling having someone you don’t know come up to you and say that they like your band and have bought a t-shirt.”

There will be no doubt be plenty of new recruits to meet and greet on the [Ruling Class Crooks] tour. The dates are to support the release of the band’s brand new EP of the same name that hit the virtual shelves just this month, accompanied by a special hometown EP launch party.

As the band excitedly announced across their social media, the EP is already being raved about in the press, including the influential Rock Sounds and Kerrang! Magazines. They’re “absolutely buzzing with this awesome first review from the legends at Kerrang! They’ve given us a massive ‘KKKK’ review for our [Ruling Class Crooks] EP!”

How significant is it for a young band to get this kind of positive press attention early on?

“It’s great to get exposure from a big name like Kerrang! that we all grew up reading. It can be a bit surreal to see your EP or your photo in there! Getting compared to bands that we love is a massive compliment for us as well.”

As well as their own seven-date [Ruling Class Crooks] tour, the band managed to warm up by previously supporting The Qemists at Concorde 2 in Brighton, and later this month they will also open for Max Raptor at their Brighton gig.

As for the rest of the year, there looks likely to follow a heavy touring schedule over the forthcoming months, including exciting summer festival announcements coming soon. It’s certainly going to be a crucial year for the band and they are happily grabbing their new opportunities with both hands.

Rory Indiana are a force to be reckoned with on stage, and we strongly recommend checking them out on one of their UK dates. For now, we’ll leave you with this announcement from the band themselves:

“With great pride, we would like to announce and invite you all to our very first UK headline tour [Ruling Class Crooks] to support the release of our EP in April! As well as the tour we are also very excited to release our new music video for [Leave Me]…”

Go get ‘em guys…

*Featured imaged by Ashley Bird

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