Roy Ayers comes to Concorde 2

Beloved by funk and soul aficionados everywhere, the legendary Roy Ayers comes to Brighton’s Concorde 2 on Fri 24 July. One of the most sampled musicians in history, he is a true icon.

Godfather of Neo-soul and King of the vibraphone, this band leader has produced in excess of 80 albums. Over the years, he’s experimented with a range of styles, and collaborated with artists as varied as Herbie Hancock, Wayne Henderson, Fela Kuti, Rick James, George Benson, Masters At Work and Donald Byrd. Given his first set of vibraphone mallets by Lionel Hampton, Ayers has gone on to become synonymous with the rich tones of this percussive instrument.

Despite being a good way through his seventies, Ayers keeps a hectic globe-trotting touring schedule which would defeat many men half his age. This expressive, charismatic and innovative musician continues to push the boundaries of his art, with new generations constantly rediscovering Ayer’s rich and varied back catalogue.

Roy Ayers comes to Concorde 2, on Fri 24 July, 2015

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