Card retailer Scribbler are giving everyone the chance to send a ‘Thank You’ message to any key worker(s) of their choice, at no cost at all

Scribbler bring back #RandomActOfCardness offering to deliver free “Thank You” messages to key workers

With the UK on lockdown, key workers continue to work to keep the nation safe, fed and looked after. As the pandemic has unfolded in the UK, the simplest yet most powerful acts of kindness have erupted across the country, from people giving up their parking spots to clapping in unison every Thursday at 8pm.

Although we find ourselves confined to our homes and even flowers are no longer fair game, that won’t stop us Brits. In fact, card retailer Scribbler reveal that over the last two weeks, sales have quadrupled, proving the nation is striving to keep connected, reverting back to the most simple communication mediums of all – letters and cards.

In a brilliantly British way of doing things, card retailer Scribbler want to give everyone the chance to send a ‘Thank You’ message to any key worker(s) of their choice, at no cost at all, P&P included!.  “We crave to feel close to the people we care about,” says Frances Tilstone from Scribbler. “Now more than ever, the simple act of sending something tangible like a card or gift to a loved one can completely brighten their outlook and say, ‘We’re still here. You have not been forgotten’.”

Regardless of any current physical and financial limitations, everyone should get the chance to voice their appreciation for key workers’ hard work and sacrifice through this difficult time and a simple card can go a long way (pun intended).

It’s super easy…

  1. Log on to and pick a card
  1. Pick who you’d like to thank – the entire staff at your local hospital, your GP practice, the doctor who treated your friend, the postman, your grocery delivery driver, your family member’s care home… it’s entirely up to you! (useful health service address listings below).
  1. Add your personalised message in the card and ‘add to basket’
  1. Enter the delivery address and promo code ‘THANKYOUNHS’ and off it goes!
  1. Share your message via social media to spread the word using #RandomActOfCardness and help spread the kind messages of gratitude

Health service address listings  (England) (Scotland) (Wales) (N. Ireland)

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