Selected 5 brings film to Fabrica

Selected 5: A touring lucky dip of early career artists’ film nominated by 2014 Jarman Award shortlisted artists, comes to Brighton’s Fabrica gallery on 11 June, 2015.

As artists’ film enjoys a surge in popularity, thanks in part to the success of 2014 Turner Prize winning filmmaker Duncan Campbell, a selection of new work by some of the most significant emerging artist filmmakers is touring the UK.

Selected 5 sees the work of UK-based artists including Lucy Beech, Tom Lock, Kate Cooper, and Min-Wei Ting presented in conversation with some of the artists themselves. Nominated by filmmakers shortlisted for the 2014 Film London Jarman Award – the accolade that recognises artists who are in our times what Derek Jarman was to his – Selected 5 represents what’s exciting, challenging and sometimes perplexing about artists’ film today.

Memory Theatre-Tom Lock 04

This year’s Selected offering features a strong sense of commentary on contemporary culture. Kate Cooper’s Rigged explores the objectification of women and the increasing plasticisation of culture; whilst Lucy Beech’s Cannibals presents a satirical look at the cult of self-help. Selected is a collaboration between artists’ film platform videoclub and Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN), and is designed to present a cross-section of work by British-based artists across the UK. In the spirit of Derek Jarman’s life and work as a queer activist and convention-defying filmmaker, Selected celebrates innovation, experimentation and risk-taking in artists’ film.

“Artists’ film plays with the familiarity of visual culture, often subverting it to critique aspects of society,” said videoclub director, Jamie Wyld. “It can be a highly politicised medium. Selected 5 screenings offer audiences an opportunity to see work by artists at the forefront of this cutting edge artform and enter into a conversation with them about the thinking behind their work.” A platform for artists’ film and video, videohub’s intention is to support artists, but also to showcase new artists’ film to the public to increase public engagement with artists’ moving image, and to create opportunities for critical engagement with contemporary art work.

Selected 5 comes to Fabrica, Brighton on Thu 11 June, 2015.

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