Shanti Celeste hosts Production Workshop as part of her Patterns’ Curated By series

As part of the first of Shanti Celeste’s ‘Curated By’ series at Patterns in Brighton, Shanti and Hodge will be featuring in a CDR workshop at Lighthouse on Satu 24 Feb. Further workshops around Shanti’s 2018 ‘Curated By’ dates are also planned, more details to follow.

Lighthouse is an arts and culture agency producing, supporting and presenting new art, film, music, design and games and these workshops are part of their Last Dance programme. The production workshop, hosted by London’s CDR will see the Peach Discs artists deconstructing their own productions followed by a Q&A, with local producers getting a chance to hear their own tracks played.

After eight memorable ‘Curated by’ dates with Bradley Zero and Avalon Emerson last year, Patterns are handing the reins to Shanti Celeste and Mr Bongo, who’ll be curating four and two events respectively.

As an artist, Shanti Celeste continues to nurture her craft with deft movements, asserting her label as a marker for top-drawer electronic music with standout releases from the likes of Chekov, Fred and Ciel. On top of that, 2017 saw a split EP with Call Super for Dekmantel, the phenomenal ‘Make Time’ 12″ for Idle Hands and a hectic schedule of high profile gigs from The Warehouse Project to De School, Hope Works to Panorama Bar.

Heavily influenced by elements of soundsystem music, Hodge has gone on to carve himself a reputation as one of the most diverse artists about. From releasing ear rattling techno through the likes of Berceuse Heroique, Hemlock and Livity Sound to ambient sounds through No Corner.

Shanti Celeste hosts her ‘Curated By’ Production Workshop at Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ, on Sat 24 Feb, (4-6pm). For more details, click here.

Shanti Celeste plays Patterns ‘Curated by’ on Sat 24 Feb (with Hodge, Ciel & Mehtola), Sat 26 May and Sat 26 Oct 2018.

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