Orin Johns

Showcasing art work from students at Brighton MET

We at BN1 are all about supporting the wider community. As you will know, this often comes in the form of sharing small, independent businesses, or promoting events occurring throughout Brighton and Hove. However it is hard to ignore the fact that our city is also heavily populated by students who are just starting their creative journeys. We collaborated with Brighton MET in order to share and celebrate some of the hard work their Fashion, Games and Animation and Art and Design students have been doing.


Below is the work from students studying Fashion and Textiles, Fashion and Business, and Visual Merchandising and Styling. Daniel Xu has used a recycled mens jacket to create a top while Lola Bruce has worked with shirts donated for Oxfam to re-imagine a garment by combining shirt collars.

In Visual Merchandising and Styling, Grace Spicer and Sarina Mollanji have experimented with a pop-up shop concept and design, while Liv Sherman has created a Pat McGrath styling concept.

Serina Mollanji


From Brighton MET’s Games, Animation and Special Effects course, we were sent three posters. The posters display character concepts, and as you can see, they are mystical, dystopian-like creatures. The talented students who came up with these designs are Uliana Yudintseva, Nnadebem Agu and Robin Setkowska.


Doing level three Art and Design, Jack Martin has created three pieces titled ‘gleam’, ‘home’ and ‘chrysalis’. They are a mix between hands drawn, and digitally edited drawings which make up clothing designs for my brand ‘fatalveil’. These pieces are inspired by the concept of evolution and growth, as well as psychological horror.

Kate Brackett, doing an extended diploma in Art and Design Level 3 has created a stunning  drawing of her brother, Sam. She says, “it is part of a wider project aiming to deconstruct misconceptions and celebrate the individuality of people with Down Syndrome”.

Civane Enticknapp’s woman screaming was originally a black and white sketch, which they then had to recreate with a colour palette of sixteen colours. Civane says that if this painting could be sold, the money would be donated to a women’s charity. 

Charlotte Edwards’ final major project for her first year at college is based on the shapes and colours around Brighton and Hove.

Orin Johns – “This is a contemporary monoprint I have made taking inspiration from technology in the world around me. I have chosen bright primary and secondary colours which stand out from the page and contrast with each other creating an interesting and dynamic visual quality.”

Faith Jauncey-Moore has created a speculative design based on the brief ‘Invent and Create’. She says, “my design stemmed from the idea that you should not judge a book by its cover and the need to look beyond the mask.”

Jacob Dunn has created a sculptural piece contrasting the imagery of a nuclear conflict, with the realities of conflict including witnesses and victims.

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