Sicily Taormina street

Sicily: Where Beauty is King

Today Italy is the capital of beauty and charm and Sicily is an important part of it: Its cities, beaches, history, and customs are an example of all this. The Bel Paese is one of the most famous tourist destinations for couples that want to explore the world. Strolling through a romantic medieval town at sunrise, holiday villas and home rentals for your stay in Sicily is what awaits you.

In fact, if every region of Italy has its own traditions and shows various ways to live the holiday and to impress your loved one, also for the preparation of a romantic weekend in Sicily, you will only have the possibility to choose.

Even the popular and beautiful city of Taormina, a very important regional tourist location, is loved by couples on a romantic trip as it reconciles the discovery of nature, sea, and historical beauty.

The Greatness of Agrigento

When you visit Agrigento and its medieval historical centre, you can observe the different historical and artistic testimonies, such as churches, palaces, and museums. For lovers of ancient history, travel with your mind imagining how beautiful the past was and the impressive monuments and temples in the Valley of the Temples, in the province of Agrigento, which also is the ideal place for a romantic weekend. Is excellent evidence of Magna Grecia, the largest archaeological park in the world.

A Trip to Palermo, Catania and to its Areas

The cities of Catania and Palermo and also the villages of Val di Noto such as Modica, Ragusa, and Noto are very popular destinations for couples, due to their uniqueness and rich artistic and cultural heritage. The uniqueness of your stay is completed, of course, by the choice of the ideal Villa or Hotel with the ideal room, which best crowns your fabulous stay.

A romantic stay with a sea view is one of the most exciting experiences to live when you visit Sicily. The bright colours that that panorama offers are unbelievable and a must-see for all people that visit this special place. If you are planning a European tour after the COVID situation dies down, make sure to pick one that visits Sicily.

Do you want to organize a romantic getaway to the sea? You can surprise your partner with a beautiful villa with a swimming pool overlooking the sea of Sicily. Choose your villa among those of the Aeolian Islands or the Egadi Islands. In these islands, you can be sure that your loved one will appreciate this gift.

Some very Suggestive Places to See

Walk to the Erice Castle, take a sit on a bench and wait for the upcoming evening time. When the sun sets, the salt pans of Trapani will change colour in a suggestive rainbow of different lights. Walkthrough the tiny and romantic streets, beams, and stone parts of the medieval village. The view of that scenario is astonishing and the main reason why so many people from around the world decide to spend their vacations in Sicily.

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