SikTh are a metal band from Watford, but their style of music is hard to categorize as they incorporate many different elements of metal, rock, hardcore , speed, thrash and nu metal.

The band announced in May 2008 that they would be splitting up and it would be the end of SikTh. However to everyone’s surprise they announced in December last year that they would be reforming and playing at the Download festival, headlining on the Red Bull Stage.

Following on from this they then announced a full UK tour for the autumn this year and how excited was I to find that the second to last date of this tour was at Concorde2 on 11 Nov. This was a sold out event.

The band consists of Mikee W Goodman and Justin Hill as dual vocalists, Dan Weller and Graham Pinney on guitars, James Leach on bass and Dan Foord on drums.

Support for the event was from Idiom and Heart of a Coward.
Idiom from Exeter, opened up the nights entertainment at 8pm, so it wasn’t a really early start, but at this time there was still only a handful of people in the audience, however they still gave a good start to the evening with a half hour set.

Next up was another half hour set from Heart of a Coward a band from Milton Keynes, and the audience had just about filled the entire floor at the Concorde2 by this time.

SikTh were on-stage at quarter to ten and the now packed floor were roused by the Sikth stage crew to chant , clap and stomp to get the band on-stage. What followed was a virtually non-stop performance of twelve of SikTh’s songs from their back-catalogue, as no new album has been released since 2006. The only time in the evening that the heavy bass and drums were turned down a notch and the virtually non-stop crowd surfing paused for a few minutes, was when it was announced that it was James’s birthday and the audience were asked, and obliged, with a round of ‘Happy Birthday to you’ for their bass player..

All in all a great nights entertainment, with SikTh giving a great performance and showing no signs of ever being away from live performing for over six years.. Only one small criticism of the night would be it was just a shame a few more couldn’t turn out to support the earlier opening acts…

Words and images by Robert Sutton Photography.