When Proud Cabaret invited BN1 to a murder mystery evening with dinner, we felt we had to accept out of sheer curiosity. I didn’t really know how murder mysteries worked and I’ve been itching to get a look in the venue since its retro makeover.

We were greeted by a glamorous old style ‘host’ who took our coats and showed us to our table. It is beautifully decorated; booth tables in the circular room bring extra focus to the gorgeous domed ceiling in the centre. The waitresses (all of them female, from what I could see) wore a uniform of corsets and knickers; I wasn’t sure how to feel about that but they were all very friendly and upbeat. Each guest pre-orders their food online, which made for a relaxed evening but it did mean it felt a bit like a wedding reception. The food also reminded me of a wedding reception – if a very expensive one – traditional dishes are created and served carefully. The Ham Hock terrine was substantial and satisfying. This was followed by a Hunch of Lamb I could not finish – it’s always nice to have too much meat, but this was just silly. The cherry cheesecake was unfortunately not sweet enough, and once again was on the large side. All in all, it made for a good – if giant – meal.

The Murder Mystery element seemed a bit tagged on – it wasn’t that mysterious and there is no real guessing involved, but after a couple of their decadent-yet-deadly prohibition cocktails (served in the traditional prohibition style – in a teapot) you won’t be up to guessing much anyway. The host was a hilarious gent and the burlesque performers were spotless and gorgeous to watch. I personally like a bit more edge and social commentary to my cabaret – but it is obvious from the get go that this is a high-end show with some of the best performers in the country. If you are into this slick form of burlesque you will not be disappointed.

Murder Mystery Night
The Silencing of Miss Scarlett at Proud Cabaret
Every Friday night from 7pm