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Simply Urban – Nail Spa Treatment review

I’m the type of person who walks around most of the time slightly embarrassed by my nails due to general lack of upkeep. The story between my nails and I wasn’t always so loveless. It turned bleak one dark January day, six years ago, when I went for a gel manicure after work and had the most unfriendly, almost hostile experience. My nails then chipped that very night. I lost interest in bothering with my nails at all from that point. I hadn’t stepped foot in a nail salon since until now.

I arrived for my Classic Manicure with gel paint appointment (£35), feeling embarrassed at the state of my nails. As soon as I opened the door to Simply Urban, I relaxed. I was met by a friendly team who, although were wearing masks, I could tell were smiling. After sanitising my hands, Armand, my nail technician, showed me to my seat and gave me the gel nail polish colours to choose from.

Armand could see I wasn’t sure what colour to go for and so he took the opportunity to show me a new polish they’d just got in that day, he was excited as he explained that it had metal shavings in it which gave the polish a very unusual finish.

I decided to go for a classic red.

The salon was warm and inviting despite various Covid-19 safe plastic partitions. Two other people arrived after me, one lady went upstairs for a wax and the other sat a station away from me to have her nails done, I got the sense she visited regularly.

Simply Urban Spa Room
Simply Urban Treatment Room

Armand’s first challenge was dealing with my cuticles. The embarrassment popped up again I so found myself explaining that my cuticles hadn’t always been so out of hand and I wasn’t sure what had changed. Armand knew and so explained that the cuticle skin is a dry skin and grows quickly if it’s left dry. Applying any oil to the area will stop the cuticles in their tracks.

Whilst Armand saw to the task at hand (pardon the pun), he told me about his background training as a fashion designer and went into detail about Simply Urban’s animal cruelty free advocacy. Knowing that the nail gels are animal cruelty free is a must these days.

As well as being friendly, experienced and knowledgeable, it became clear Armand was a total perfectionist, at least when it comes to nail care. The end result being just that, perfect.

Unbeknown to me all Classic Manicures at Simply Urban end with a relaxing hand and forearm massage, which was such a welcomed treat.

My overall experience at Simply Urban, Brighton’s new independent nail salon and sister brand to Little Jasmine, was ‘simply’ brilliant! And has shed my fear of going for a manicure decidedly.  For a relaxed, welcoming and professional touch you can visit or call 01273 911500 to book.

Do check here to see what offers you can get at Simply Urban.

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