Skirts That Are Trending This Summer

Skirts That Are Trending This Summer

Now that the months are getting warmer – it’s time to ditch those sweatpants and jeans and switch to some gorgeous skirts. With lots of colours, styles, and trends there is something for everyone no matter what your personal style may be. It is also the perfect opportunity to try out some styles that are a bit different to what you would usually go for. Here are what is trending for summer 2022.

Maxi Skirt

Gone are the days people view maxi skirts as boring office outfits – they are becoming a hot fashion trend and are great for any occasion. From last-minute summer outfits to formal events a maxi skirt can look good on just about any body type and is easily styled. Why not pick up a few different options to try, such as pleated to patterned, sheer, striped or even floaty skirts. Pair your maxi skirt with a crop top, button-up blouse, or a cropped jacket for that extra bit of warmth on a summer’s evening.

Cargo skirts

A cargo skirt can be defined as a skirt that is made from rough denim material, with pockets on the front or side – they are great to throw on for a casual occasion this summer. Whether you opt for a high wasted style or low wasted, they can be paired with a variety of different tops to completely change the look. Pair with a white button-up shirt for a smart business casual outfit, or a scoop neck top and wedges for a summer evening drinks outfit.

Low-rise mini skirts

As Y2k fashion trends are continuously on the rise, the low-rise mini skirt is back in fashion thanks to the endorsement of Instagram and celebs alike. They are great for showing off your legs, making them look slimmer, and can be paired with trainers, heels or sandals. From Rihanna to Bella Hadid everyone seems to be wearing one – so what are you waiting for?


Finally, the timeless denim skirt – a staple in everyone’s wardrobe throughout the years. There is something so classic and chic about the denim skirt that has kept us constantly being drawn back to it over the years. It is great to invest in a decent quality one as it is bound to end up still in your wardrobe for many years to come! If you are feeling really fashionable – why not pair with a matching denim jacket for that monochrome look, or a matching coloured top to pull the outfit together. You could always opt for the classic white trainers and t-shirt to wear with your skirt, for a pulled-together yet casual vibe. Why not add an overshirt and accessories through bags and jewellery to make the outfit pop?

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