solo swim from rampion

First successful solo swim from Rampion Wind Farm to Brighton takes place

The first ever successful solo crossing from the Rampion Wind Farm into Brighton took place this week on Sep 26, when a team of local swimming organisation representatives tackled the difficult journey. Teams from SwimTrek Swimming Holidays based in Hove and the SeaLanes Swimming Development on Madeira Drive took on the 8 mile swim in ideal sunny conditions.

A relay team and three soloists were successful, but Simon Murie from SeaLanes & SwimTrek was the first and only non-wetsuit swimmer to complete the distance solo in a time of 4 hours and 56 minutes.

Simon said “Seeing the wind farm from Brighton every day, just made me want to swim from there, back home. The sheer size of the wind turbines make Rampion look like it’s relatively close to the coast, but I can assure you it’s not! 8 miles is a long way to swim. We had great support along the way with support boats provided by Paul Jackman from Defiance Charters and Joe McNulty from SeaLanes. Even the nice people at Rampion sent out one of their craft to cover the swim”

The other successful solo wetsuit swimmers were Simon Griffiths and Robin Carr.

Joe McNulty from the SeaLanes said “I can see the Rampion swim becoming a must do event not only for local swimmers, but for national and even international ones to come.”

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solo swim from rampion


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