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South Lanes Studios Now Open!

‘Rehearse. Record. Release.’

Something is buzzing underneath the Brighton Lanes. Right in the centre of town, on Middle Street no less, South Lanes Studios is growing. Conceived a little under two years ago by Meg Carnie, Luke May and Sam Clines, the founding trio have been hard at work turning the studio into a top-quality recording and rehearsal space. Their mission: finding the right sound for you.

Studio, Logo, Music, Recording, Rehersal
South Lanes Studios logo

Who are South Lanes Studios?

Founded in November 2019 by three university students, the doors to South Lanes Studios originally opened in early 2020. Despite having to close the studio during the lockdown caused by COVID-19, Meg, Luke and Sam were still hard at work, using this time to research soundproofing and source equipment. With a clear vision of what they wanted, even while working toward their degrees the group planned to reopen bigger and better than ever. The beginning of 2021 saw the start of the building work and, now, the studio is open and already filled with the sounds of Brighton’s talented musicians.

Having started in a single small room, South Lanes Studios now includes a decent space below Brighton’s iconic Lanes. Meg is understandably thrilled about how South Lanes Studios are shaping up. As the studio manager and a co-founder, she is showing that there absolutely is a place for women in the music industry, smashing through any preconceptions of the studio world as a ‘boys club.’ Having seen the studio, even with some building work still underway, it is a thrilling and engaging space.

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The co-founders. (Left to right) Luke May (producer, studio engineer), Meg Carnie (studio manager) and Sam Clines (producer and studio engineer)


A Quality Studio Space

The work these three have done is astounding – especially considering they have been juggling their studies as well as working on and in the studio. Currently, with a finished songwriting and production room, the full live recording room is nearing completion. Already, the studio feels like a beautiful, communal space where musically minded folk can record, practice and just hang out. The founders really want those that come to the studio to feel like part of a community, to get to know them and work together to build a creative atmosphere and culture.

“We’re going for quality, not quantity,” Luke tells us to emphatic nods from the others. This is certainly clear. Rather than cramming as many tiny rooms as possible into the underground space, each room has been carefully designed to be comfortable and accommodating. South Lanes Studios is crafted in such a way that not only makes you want to practice and record there, you just want to be there. With support from Sony Extreme and Kieron Pepper (drummer from The Prodigy’s 1997-2007 live shows), the studios are looking to be an exciting hub for Brighton’s music scene. The care and expertise that has been put into the expansion of the premises demonstrates how serious the group are; any bands looking for space to practice, record and produce great music need look no further.

South Lanes Studios offer NHS and student discounts along with a wide range of services, including rehearsal spaces, mixing and mastering, recording and kit hire. Check out their website here:

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Beautiful new songwriting room!

South Lanes Studios

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