Springtime Florals

It’s been raining less, and the sun is out a whole lot more, which means spring is almost here. With winter out of the way, shops are starting to put out spring/summer collections. One trend that is notably seen in almost every store for both men and women is the floral print. So, what is floral and why is it so on trend?

Floral prints are believed to have begun in the East and then introduced to the west through the Orient and Asia. With hundreds of colours and designs to choose from, the option to integrate flowers into fabric are endless. The floral theme has been integrated not only into apparel but also footwear and headgear. The representation of the flower has evolved as our fashion trends have also change. While big trends come and go, the floral print is one that is constantly re-invented and produced in a bigger and better way.

For women the prints are extremely popular with dresses, lingerie, pants skirts, and everything else retailers can put a flower on. The prints are notably always brightly coloured and girly. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy around spring/ summertime. For men however there is a rise of dark florals as a menswear theme for the coming spring. A big floral print makes a bold statement, but when framed in an easy-going way with a bomber jacket or simple T-shirt it is made less challenging.

Looking to jump on this trend? Here are some stores around Brighton for you to check out that stock these styles:

1. Oasis

looking for a cute spring dress? Oasis have a nice selection for you to choose from.

Floral Ruffle Tea Dress 

2. Beyond Retro

This store gives you the option to shop whatever era you want from the 1970’s- 1990’s.

1990’s Hawaiian Shirt. 

3. Flock Vintage and Handmade

If you would rather buy the fabric and make your own creative piece, Flock Vintage is the place for you to get the right material print for you

Vintage French 1970s fabric 

4. Cath Kidston

An explosion of bright and colourful floral prints from cloths to mugs. Click here to show the collections.

Book bag

Junior Edition

Looking for a little floral print for the kids? Check out Junior edition for some kid’s floral apparel.

Boy’s Shorts.

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