spruce up the home

Sprucing Up Your New Home

Moving into a new home can come with a lot of excitement, as well as challenges. Once all of your existing possessions have been moved, and the sea of boxes has been sorted out, you may then want to consider the other ways that you can turn this house into a home. Even though you might have many items from your past to sort out, there can be a lot to be said about bringing in new items, or even other types of décor, to really help you appreciate your new living situation.


Having artwork up in your home can be a great way of showing off your passions and personal choices, while still keeping your rooms looking orderly and neat. By using online canvas printing, you can create an array of images that really speak to you and your family. These could consist of family photographs, holiday snapshots, or even landscape and nature-orientated images. On top of this, utilising the space on the walls of your home can help to negate clutter and free up surfaces, which can be especially important in smaller rooms. The little, personal decorations you add to your home really can bring the place to life!

Wall Colours

When you first move into a home, the walls themselves might either be in muted, neutral tones, or show the preferences of the previous inhabitants. While these might look professional, they may not be to your taste. Where homes have previously been coloured in whites or creams, perhaps to increase the likelihood of sale, they may also come across as too clinical for your liking. Even though you may want to make rooms appear bigger or brighter, that doesn’t mean that your personal colour choices shouldn’t come into play. To spruce up your home, and truly make it your own, you should also consider the preferences of you and your family. This can be especially exciting for those with young children, who might love the idea of getting to personalise their room with their favourite tones, characters, and even art.

Outdoor Spaces

It isn’t just the interior aspects of the home that need to be given thought and time. To really add some flair to your living space, you may also need to consider adaptations and maintenance regarding gardens, driveways, and paving. Even in smaller gardens, you could utilise borders and edging to allow you to have planted sections full of your favourite colours and scents, as well as grass and patio areas. In doing so, you can create a natural getaway on your land that helps you to feel relaxed and at peace.

Moving into a new property can be daunting but, by considering the personalisation that can take place, it is easy to formulate ways to ease that transition. Taking into account all the rooms and space at your disposal can allow you to spend time turning each into a space that has meaning, as well as to create enjoyment for those who spend time there.

Why not get some inspiration with some art inspired by science and nature! This could be for the garden or home. Fabrica gallery in central Brighton will be transformed into a ‘fairytale installation’ by internationally renowned contemporary artist, Olafur Eliasson from Tues 18 May. Or there’s; HALO, at Brighton Festival is supported by Arts Council England, and co-produced by Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts. It’s an Audemars Piguet Art Commission, curated by Mónica Bello and first presented in the context of Art Basel in Basel in 2018. In collaboration with CERN.

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