Stand Up & Slam!

Do you find poets pretentious and reflecting on the gloominess of societies flaws? Or do you find comedians try-hards, who try to get a laugh out of people’s problems and mishaps? Vote and pick a side – watch as comedians and poets battle it out against one another in the hit show Stand Up & Slam!

Stand Up & Slam! is produced by Time Out Recommended company Chatback Theatre & Comedy. Back after an one-off show at Brighton Fringe, Stand Up & Slam! enables comedians and poets to battle it out for the title of a true performer. With three killer rounds of Stand Up Comedy VS Spoken Word, it’s set to have some unexpected turns, humorous moments and the audience gets to decide who wins!

Hosted by some side-splitting and entertaining comedians, with the likes of Tom Houghton (The Noise Next Door, ‘Comedy GoldThe Guardian), Eshaan Akbar (so slick I could have been watching a Live at the Apollo setBruce Dessau), Rich Wilson (highly entertainingTime Out) and poets, Dan Simpson (charmingly geekyThe Scotsman) and Oli Forsyth (painfully funny The Scotsman). With the show featuring four guest performers doing what they do best, battling it out against the crude comedians or the tormenting poets. Who knows who will win? You get to decide, voting for the overall winners each night.

Hosted at Komedia, starting Wednesday 20th Sept at 8pm and each month following until Christmas, it’s not one to miss if you’re looking for an interesting and fun-filled night out, filled with laughter mixed amongst a battle for victory and claim to fame within the performing industry (or just the men’s ego’s!)

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