Star Wars in Numbers
Star Wars in Numbers

Star Wars in Numbers brings the Galaxy far away that much closer

If you are a Star Wars fanatic and ever wanted wondered how many times a lightsabre was used during the film or even how many Wookie sounds “Chewbacca” made in the films then you’re in luck. Website Star Wars in Numbers has collected data from the very first film “A New Hope” to the latest stand-alone box office success “Solo: A Star Wars Story”.
The sheer detail and breakdown into the films on the website shows the complexity of creating a universe like this, some of the categories which are highlighted by the website include the “planets/moons mentioned”, the number of “Jedi deaths” and many more.

When critics and film analysts try to determine how successful a film or film franchise has been they look at details including total film revenue generated and total profit made from the film. Based on the data collected by Star Wars in Numbers we see that the film that generated the highest revenue in the box office was “Episode VII: The Force Awakens” which surpassed the whopping $9 billion mark across the globe. The highest earning film in the franchise is the very first film made by George Lucas which was the “Episode IV: A New Hope” that has made a total of over $15 billion since it was first released in cinemas back in 1977.

The website has also provided additional information about each film and category, there is a “Did you know” section within each category break down. In one of the “Did you know” section it describes the trouble which George Lucas had when he was faced with a lack of female lead characters in the first few Star Wars movies – it tells us how Lucas had briefly re-wrote Luke Skywalker as an 18 year old girl to try and remedy this before deciding to keep the character as he was.

We see from the website that the character with the most lightsabre battles was Darth Vader/ Anakin Skywalker who had a total of 23 battles across the films within the franchise. There is also an explanation into the iconic red colour of lightsabres which are carried by followers of the Dark Side.

Our beloved Chewbacca who has featured in the films from the very beginning has made a total of 1,606 Wookie sounds with the Han Solo stand-alone film making the biggest contribution of 327 Wookie sounds. There is also further details on what originally inspired George Lucas in creating a character like Chewbacca as well as where the iconic sound we have grown to love came from.

With 23 in-depth categories to choose from this is Star Wars heaven, having this type of information all in one place provides fans with a brand new experience as there is no need to be searching for information individually anymore. The website has created a search engine for Star Wars figures and facts which is something that will appeal a lot of fans.
The galaxy far away has been put within reaching distance to the fans of the blockbuster franchise. For in depth knowledge and figures into the world of Star Wars.

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