Staropramen’s Brewery Fresh Beer Tanks Comes To The Hare & Hounds.

This month the brewers of the number one Czech beer in the UK launched ‘Spa-opramen’, an open and friendly event  to celebrate the arrival of the first Staropramen Brewery Fresh tank beer in the UK. Spa-opramen debuted at The Hare and Hounds on the 13th of October and offered beer loving fans the chance to relax and freshen up while also they enjoying their drink.
Local barbers, Teddy Edwards Cutting Rooms, offered great treatments to the first customers that purchased a glass of the tank bear, including bread trims and massages, all of which were were enjoyed with a Brewery Fresh Staropramen.
A Czech Pilsener, Staropramen is a light straw to golden colour and brewed with the finest ingredients including premium Czech hops, with a spicy bitterness and/or a spicy floral flavor and aroma.
In addition to the great range of relaxing treatments available The Hare and Hounds also offered Staropramen at Prague prices (around 70p)  to the first 50 people, and served the beer in a Staropramen Limited Edition tankard they could take home. The next lucky 50 that purchased a tank beer also received a complimentary tankard!
The Hare and Hounds is the first UK bar to install Brewery Fresh Staropramen tank beer and following the success of Spa-opramen, beer enthusiasts should not miss out!

 The Hare and Hounds is on London Road

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