stay healthy

The Nutritionist’s guide on how to love food and stay healthy

‘I LOVE cheese, I LOVE wine, I LOVE (*insert fave foodstuff*) – how can I still be healthy?’

Head’s up, it’s okay to eat cheese and drink wine – it’s balance and variety that’s key. Finding that in what we’re eating over weeks, months and years is important when it comes to nutrition. In the grand scheme of things, heading down to Le Cave for a night of cheese and wine isn’t going to derail your health.

Depriving ourselves of foods that we love means we’re actually more likely to crave them and potentially ‘binge’ on them. This leads to inevitable feelings of guilt. It goes back on the ‘forbidden foods’ list as it makes us feel out of control, or is reserved for ‘cheat days’… until we start the cycle all over again.

Nutrition is just a small part of the puzzle.

Nutrition is actually only a very small part of our overall health – our mental health, activity levels and social interaction all play big parts.

Food is more than just the sum of its parts and not everything that we eat needs to be optimal in terms of nutrition. We eat for so many reasons – for pleasure, commiseration, celebration, memories, to get through endless meetings – the list goes on.

Cheese is ace, so is cake. It’s the dose that makes the poison

Enjoying foods that aren’t as nutritionally dense as others is perfectly okay. However, eating so much of certain foods that we’re not making room for balance isn’t great whether it’s kale or cake that you’re having. When we deprive ourselves, we can feel out of control around some foods. By putting all foods on a level playing field, knowing that you can have that bit of cheese or whatever, that tends to take the shine off it. Most people find themselves eating less of it when it’s not so sexy.

Give yourself permission to enjoy the foods you love – be curious, try new things and practice being kind to yourself. You shouldn’t feel guilty for eating a biscuit. Well, unless you nicked it.

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