A snapshot of LGBTQ clubbing in Brighton & Hove comes to Jubilee Library, on Mon 21st July – Sun 3rd August.

Conceived and curated by Kate Wildblood and local superstar Queen Josephine, Strike A Brighton Pose examines the City’s LGBTQ clubbing history. By using flyers, artwork, photography and the memories of clubbers, promoters, venue owners and DJs, the exhibition provides a personal snapshot of Brighton’s most fabulous dancefloor moments. An exhibition from a clubbers point of view, Strike A Brighton Pose reflects the thirty plus years creators Kate Wildblood and Queen Josephine have spent in the LGBTQ discos of Brighton. By repositioning the humble flyer as artwork and the clubber as social historian, Strike A Brighton Pose transforms the disco into a vital beat slice of queer history.

The exhibition includes original collages by Kate Wildblood, framed original flyer artwork from some of Brighton & Hove’s finest LGBTQ club nights, a 12” box filled with tales, photographs and flyers from dance floor favourites, a chance to relive that disco adventure through the 7” memory box and plenty of opportunities to Strike A Brighton Pose. Plus, of course, the obligatory disco ball.

Strike A Brighton Pose is part of the 2014 Brighton Pride Arts and Film Festival and is a fundraising event for Brighton Pride and The Rainbow Fund, a grant-giving fund for local LGBTQ and HIV organisations.

A rite of passage for so many, LGBTQ clubbing has provided more than just a soundtrack to our lives in Brighton & Hove. The disco offered a family, helped forge identities and connected thousands to community, friends and lovers. Disco is where the homo is. Disco is our home.


Strike A Brighton Pose runs on Mon 21st July – Sun 3rd August 2014, at Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton BN1 1EG.

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