STRONGHOLD come to Brighton

A Brighton-based hip-hop crew will be debuting their new show later this month.

Visual Poets is a hip-hop performance group that aim to encourage diversity in dance to prosper; they will be debuting their new show, called STRONGHOLD, at a University of Brighton theatre.

STRONGHOLD is directed by Munya Muchati, the leader and main choreographer of Visual Poets. The performance is designed for viewers to question the concept of what they call “normal”, as well as their reality, which is synonymous with their visually striking imagery.

The group formed in 2014, as a part of Brighton’s hip-hop school, Streetfunk; Visual Poets features dancers from the age of fifteen to twenty-seven. They perform at annual events such as Streetfunk presents Straight Up, Brighton & Hove Council’s Dance Active, and Breaking Boundaries. They also performed at the halftime performance for Worthing Thunder Basketball this year.

STRONGHOLD will be the first performance produced and facilitated by Visual Poets, following a change of creative direction; the group describes themselves as pushing themselves more than ever before. Featuring special guests, Callous Affection, this debut performance will feature a new style of choreography as well as visually stunning backdrops.

You can view the YouTube trailer for the upcoming performance below:

The performance starts at 7.30pm at the Sallis Benney Theatre, the University of Sussex, on the 21st of June; doors open at 7pm. You can buy tickets at

For more information, you can follow the group on social media. Their Facebook page is available here: They are also on Instagram –

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