Student Health over Christmas and New Year

Staying healthy over the winter and Christmas period can be most difficult for students. Cold student houses, huge workload and not to mention the copious amounts of Christmas nights out which results in a harsh hangover, which always seem worse in the cold winter months. Caring for your health and wellbeing is crucial over the winter period, here’s how.

Get signed up

Signing up for your local health service is one of the most important ways to stay healthy over the Christmas period. At the University of Brighton, they offer student health services both on their Eastbourne and Moulsecoomb campuses where you can register for an appointment with a nurse of doctor or get a repeat prescription.

Mental health

Mental health is also huge amongst students, especially moving away or out of home, making friends and the pressure of uni work can be tough on our mental health, and a couple of months in when the excitement of freshers has ended is where we may feel it most. Universities however are majorly aware of this and often do their most to make sure that every student is coping at university. The University of Brighton offers a free counselling service and has a full disability and dyslexia team which can be contacted easily through their website.


A memorable word for every student…or not. Meningitis develops rapidly between students as it is more likely to occur in places where people live or work closely together in large groups such as university. This is why it is more important than ever to make sure you book in your MenACWY vaccinations while being a student as the consequences of this disease are awful. Another vaccination urged for all students is the Measles, Mumps and MMR vaccine. Simply a cough or sneeze from your flatmate can spread these diseases over a wide area, so make sure you are covered. If you are unsure whether you are up to date on any of these vaccines, contact your GP to check.

24-hour party people

We all know alcohol and partying is a big part of most students lives, especially over the Christmas months when everyone is feeling a bit merrier. Although, it is important to keep your alcohol use in check, making sure you are still having fun but being safe at the same time.

Universities offer help and support if you feel as though your drug or alcohol use may be getting out of hand, or even for those who aren’t up for the 24/7 party like your peers may be. Check on your universities website where you can find support.


New year’s resolutions (and sticking to them). Getting back into the university swing in the new year can leave your resolutions feeling a little neglected and forgot about as work and uni life takes back over. Whether this is joining the gym, being more organised or even joining a society there is ways you can make these easier to stick too. Consider creating a joint list with someone you spend a lot of time with at university, this way you can motivate and remind each other to keep on track and can make it a lot more fun. Another way is to reward yourself by doing something you love each time you make progress. Whether this be in the gym, completing your work before the hand in or even helping in a society, giving yourself a little pat on the back each time (psychically and metaphorically in the form of chocolate) can make the goals a little bit more achievable.

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