Students exercising on your period

While studying at university your priorities are very much enjoying yourself, earning money and working hard. That is definitely not exercising. Unless you play a sport regularly, or you’re a proper gym lad, it is very hard to find time and motivation to exercise. According to a 2018 study carried out by the British Active Students Survey, there is a lower proportion of active students compared to the national statistic. There is clearly a need to encourage students to get active and get them out from under their desks.

There are lots of benefits of an active lifestyle beyond just fitness. Studies show that there is a direct impact on one’s personal and mental wellbeing, a reduction in loneliness and social exclusion, and an increase one’s confidence to achieve higher grades. These are factors that help students make the most of their studying experience and help them to prepare for a successful working career. Need I say more? However, if it’s this important, why are universities not doing enough to get their young people out and running around? With mental health being an issue that is discussed so much in the media at the moment, we should be making more efforts to make sure those who are vulnerable are getting the help that they need. Exercise is an answer for a lot of these young people.

Exercising while on your period is often off-putting for lots of girls. The thought of having painful cramps or potentially leaking is just too much sometimes – that’s after you have found the energy! But there are lots of direct benefits of being active during this time of the month. It is proven to relieve cramps and get your blood moving, boost your mood and energy, and help to regulate your period. This will have a direct benefit for a large proportion of girls who struggle to cope with menstruation. There should be a lot more done to highlight these benefits and encourage girls to get active during this time. What’s more, to help reduce the stress of an accident (everyone’s been there), Knixteen has produced a set of underwear that that are ‘oh no’ proof. They actively work to protect from leaks, odor, and moisture. This means you have no excuse! Yoga, walking or running, and swimming are amongst those suggested as the best forms of exercise to do during this time of the month. Stretching your muscles and low impact forms of sports can really help relieve the stresses of your period.

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