Studio 9 Design Lifestyle
Studio 9 Design Lifestyle

Studio 9 Interview: meet the design duo behind Brighton’s emerging interiors brand

One of the latest local interior design brands, Studio 9 Design, is to launch their brand-new homeware and furniture collection this month – Studio 9 Living. 

Studio 9 are known for their elegant and considered aesthetic, they embrace culture, nature, and love to mix materials and textures to create timeless interiors. 

Freya O’Malley talked to Founders Alice Adamczewski and Bahar Nejad to discover more about the brand and to explore their inspirations.

Studio 9 Alice & Bahar
Studio 9 Alice & Bahar

Can you tell me about the journey of Studio 9 Design over the past 5 years and what inspired you to start the business?

The inspiration behind founding Studio 9 Design was our enduring friendship, which began 22 years ago during our time at Brighton University. Five years ago, while enjoying a cozy dinner in Brighton, we discussed our respective exciting projects. It was during that conversation that we both realized the potential of collaborating and decided to join forces. Everything that has happened since has been an organic, intuitive and heart driven journey. 

We recognized that for our partnership to flourish, we needed to prioritize Studio 9 above ourselves. While working diligently as a team, we also ensured that our individuality was preserved and respected.

These past 5 years have been filled with thrilling architectural and interior projects. Despite the demanding workload, our partnership’s foundation has always been built on honest and transparent communication.

What is the core philosophy or design ethos that defines Studio 9 Design’s work?

Our style is always evolving and we continue to develop new passions and interest but we like our work to outlive fleeting trends. The fundamental principle of our design philosophy revolves around the fusion of diverse cultures and our style has been broadened with the discovery of new and old along the way. We are always experimenting with textures, materials and colours and try to make mindful and meaningful design decisions in our work.

Studio 9

How has your experience in interior design influenced the creation of Studio 9 Living, your new homewares brand? 

In our interior design practice, we view each project as a unique narrative, and the depth of each story is greatly influenced by its components. In addition to spatial design, we have been dedicated to exploring materiality, texture, and colour. 

Creating bespoke furniture for each project and meticulously selecting lighting, accessories, and artwork have become integral aspects of our service. We firmly believe that the overall aesthetic is crucial in conveying the complete narrative. This conviction inspired us to establish Studio 9 Living, with a primary goal of making our carefully curated aesthetic accessible to a broader audience at a more affordable price point.

What sets Studio 9 Living apart from other homewares brands in the market?

We believe Studio 9 Living will strongly resonate with our customers, we have invested nearly 12 months in crafting new designs, scouring the globe for exquisite, high-quality products, and meticulously unearthing distinctive vintage treasures. This combination of contemporary and vintage pieces thoughtfully curated will empower and give confidence to our clients to “shop the look” and hopefully allow them to create interior design schemes at home they love.

Studio 9 Design Lifestyle
Studio 9 Design Lifestyle

What are your favourite pieces from your first collection?

We have such a variety of products on sale, from Christmas decorations, glassware and blankets to scented candles, cushions and larger furniture items. These are some of our favourites:

  1. Our stool and ottoman collection feature four different sizes from smaller footstools and benches to oversized ottomans that double up as coffee tables. The more unique of these are covered in vintage kilim rugs and are truly one of a kind. Prices from £340.
  2. We have designed a series of cushions for our first collection using natural linens, wools, and cottons. Our bolsters are made with fabric remnants supporting our commitment to minimise waste. Prices from £65.
Studio 9 Sideboard
Studio 9 Sideboard
  1. Our selection of pots and vessels include vintage pieces from across Europe and Africa as well as contemporary travertine bowls, platters and wine coolers sourced from artists in the Netherlands. Prices from £30
  2. The Studio 9 Living concrete table collection consists of three sizes of tables, coffee tables, side tables and console tables in a selection of coloured concretes. The minimal shapes and simple lines compliment any space. Available for pre-order. Price on application 

How important is sustainability in the products you plan to sell through Studio 9 Living?

We maintain a constant awareness of the origins of our materials. Whenever feasible, we prioritize the use of recycled materials and collaborate with local artisans. Our packaging is all either biodegradable or recycled.

How do you envision Studio 9 Living evolving over the next few years?

We anticipate an ongoing journey of transformation, embracing new locations, stories, design styles, and more. Our plan includes taking bold risks by interpreting diverse sources of inspiration from our surroundings in unique ways. 

How has your partnership as female business owners contributed to the success of Studio 9 Design and Studio 9 Living?

As female business owners and mothers, we believe our sensitivity to our surroundings has played a significant role. We’ve provided each other with the support needed to balance motherhood and entrepreneurship. Additionally, drawing upon our emotional intelligence, as women, has strengthened our relationships with clients. We recognize that each project revolves around storytelling, closely connected to our clients’ narratives.

Studio 9 Alice & Bahar
Studio 9 Alice & Bahar

Are there any key partnerships or collaborations that have played a significant role in your business journey?

Our strong relationships and collaborations with local artists and suppliers have been instrumental in shaping our identity. We have a passion for uncovering emerging talent within the community, working alongside skilled creatives, and procuring distinctive products from local suppliers.

What are your long-term goals for both Studio 9 Design and Studio 9 Living?

We have several areas of growth in mind. Expanding our reach to a broader audience and getting closer to the actual production of our products, enabling us to make a meaningful impact, are among our aspirations.

What excites you the most about the upcoming launch of Studio 9 Living, and what can customers look forward to?

The prospect of launching Studio 9 Living and witnessing our new showroom and website come to life is incredibly exciting. Customers will be able to shop online but also drop into see us near Hove Lagoon and purchase homewares and pre order our larger furniture pieces. Our showroom will also hold one off vintage furniture pieces that we have lovingly restored and reupholstered in stunning fabrics, these will be truly unique and something we hope our customers will love as much as we do.

Studio 9 Design and Studio 9 Living

Unit 3 Ferry Wharf, Basin Road North, Portslade, BN41 1BD


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