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Stuff the Stuff: Great Ideas for Experience Presents

Christmas is fast approaching, and present ideas will be only just beginning to fly around the brains of those of you that share my haphazard and last-minute approach to gift buying. The word ‘gift’, at least to me, generally indicates a physical object – but that doesn’t have to be the case! Giving someone the chance to try something new, revisit something they already love or learn a new skill is as good a gift (or better!) as any stuff that they may receive otherwise.

So, save space around the house by giving your friends and loved ones the chance to experience something exciting. Here are a few ideas for experience presents:

Paradox Place

Introduce your loved ones to a totally new experience with a gift voucher for Paradox Place House of Illusions and Wonder.  This illusion-packed fun house allows visitors to put themselves into the illusions so they don’t just gaze in wonder, they get involved and take pictures of themselves as part of the exhibits.  Would your child like to see themselves looking bigger than you?  Would your granny giggle at seeing herself as just a head on a table?  Can you picture your nephew as a hologram in a futuristic projection booth?

With four floors of exhibits, Paradox Place has something for everyone whether you want to have your mind boggled by how much you can’t trust your own eyes or just fancy a good old laugh.  Suitable for small children with their families, groups of older children on their own, adult groups or couples and older people too, this attraction generally takes around 45 minutes to over an hour and people come away with photos that will blow their friends’ minds on social media.  Giving vouchers for Paradox Place is a great way for people to try something they might not otherwise have thought of and they can go anytime they like.

You can check out Paradox Place here:

Facebook: @paradoxplace

Instagram: @paradoxplacebrighton

Twitter: @paradoxplaceBTN

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Having fun at Paradox Place

Pier Pressure

What type of fun and exciting escape room game would your friend or family member choose?  Are they the sort of person who would enjoy taking part in a diamond heist game?  Would they enjoy playing a game set in the majestic Royal Pavilion? Are they an old mod or fan of the mod style?  Were they a lover of the 90s rave scene?  Buy them a voucher for Pier Pressure Escape Rooms and it’s up to them to choose their game.  You get to choose how much you’d like to spend and if you would like them to receive their voucher in a snazzy gift box along with an escape room board game.

Escape rooms are a great group (or pair) activity because they involve solving a wide range of puzzles to achieve an overall goal.  Whether you are good with spotting things, making connections, logic, words or numbers, there is something to play to everyone’s strengths so all the team can get involved.  Games are introduced by a host in character so it’s a whole experience and not just a game.  Give the gift of brain-tingling immersive fun.  These vouchers have no expiry date either.

Having tried an escape room at Pier Pressure myself, I can only sing the praises of the team here. I checked out the Pavilion Perplex room for a distinctly Brighton flavoured experience and loved every minute of it. We had a team of seasoned escape room veterans and complete newbies – and everyone thought this was awesome. Whether you’ve tried escape rooms before or are completely fresh to the idea, this is definitely one to check out. This is a great present for anyone.

You can check out Pier Pressure here: 

Facebook: @pierpressurebrighton

Instagram: @pierpressurebtn

Twitter: @PierPressureBTN

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A couple of problem solvers at Pier Pressure

Cooking Classes at The Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen is a cookery school with a difference – everyone who pays to attend their evening and weekend classes helps support community cookery groups for people on low incomes, and those living with dementia, mental ill-health, isolation, and other life challenges. The Community Kitchen is located on Queens Road just down from Brighton station and is part of the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership – who run a range of community projects including community gardens, surplus food distribution and work with food banks.

The regular programme of cookery classes in the Community Kitchen covers everything from patisserie to fermentation, Indian street food to Japanese, & much more. Classes are led by experienced chefs from a range of local food businesses, who share professional tips, delicious recipes, and new meal inspiration. The Kitchen also hosts guest chefs from local restaurants for one-off ‘masterclasses’ – previous events include 64 Degrees, Etch, Little Fish Hove, CinCin, and Isaac At. And they run private classes for groups of friends or colleagues who want to celebrate an occasion or just bond over some tasty food.

If you want to give a cookery class experience as a gift you can book a space directly on their website or purchase a gift voucher.

I attended the Tokyo Kitchen class at The Community Kitchen for a lovely culinary experience. The volunteers and chefs here are all really helpful – and the food you’re being taught to prepare is excellent! I already love cooking, but I’m convinced that a class here would sway even the most reluctant chef. The cooking classes here are a great opportunity to learn something new, meet new people and make some great food. Not only that, but it’s all for a good cause! Perfect for date night, families with teens or just those looking to step up their cooking chops.

You can check out the Community Kitchen here:

Facebook: @btnkitchen

Instagram: @btnkitchen

Twitter: @BtnKitchen

community, kitchen, chef, brighton, cooking, present
Cooking class at Brighton Community Kitchen

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