Stunning Wedding Locations at Home and Abroad

Getting married is a memorable experience, and the start of your new life together. You can make this more special by picking the right location. Here are some suggestions.


Kent has some stunning locations for your big day. If you’re considering an outdoor wedding, there are several beaches to choose from. Even if you want to hold the wedding indoors, by choosing a location nearby, you can also use one of the beaches as the backdrop to your photographs after the ceremony.

You can also swap the traditional evening entertainment for a stunning firework display. With Ghengis, you can order your chosen display (after getting permission from your venue first). They will organise everything else, including carrying out the display, and the clear up afterwards. So, they are the perfect option for wedding fireworks displays in Kent and making your wedding one to truly remember! 

Greek Islands

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more exotic for your wedding, the Greek Islands could be the right location for you. Whether you choose Rhodes, Corfu or Kefalonia, the views are guaranteed to be stunning. This is the ideal option if your friends and family are okay with paying for their travel and stay, or if you want to keep the guest list small. It’s also a great place to stay and explore as part of your honeymoon. So, if you’re already there for your wedding ceremony, you won’t have far to travel.


Of course, Italy is always a top choice for weddings. It has many romantic and picturesque locations and cities to choose from. You can hold the ceremony outside, generally between April and September, to get the best weather. However, wedding marquees are always an option, to add style to your wedding, and to escape weather such as extreme heat, or in the unlikely event it rains. You can also choose from castles such as Castello Di San Fabiano or villas, like Villa Catignano. Both of these are located in Tuscany.


France is another popular choice for weddings. Paris is the obvious location, but there are so many other options. Provence has several charming villages for those wanting a unique atmosphere for their wedding. Alternatively, you might want to add a gothic touch to your ceremony by tying the knot at Chateau Challain in Loire Valley. It’s also a great venue for your evening celebrations, or a summer wedding celebration held outdoors.

For those of you who have always dreamed of a fairy-tale wedding, Chateau Lagorce, which is located in Bordeaux, is the ideal place to fulfil your wedding dreams and mark the beginning of your lives together. It’s perfect for your ceremony, has spacious dining space for your celebration meal and drinks afterwards, and exquisite suites for you and some of your guests to spend the night.

Wherever you get married, the most important thing is marking the start of your marriage. However, by choosing a stunning location, you will always have fantastic memories of your big day.

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