Parquet Flooring

Styling a Room with Parquet Flooring

The Palace of Versailles is credited with the perfecting of authentic parquet flooring, and the platform that launched it into the limelight. Ever since, the flooring style has evolved thoughts of regality, nature, and history. With different woods of varying grains and colours bonded in a classic pattern, such natural flooring catches the eye every time.

Over the years, the flooring style has been associated with school halls. But that hasn’t dimmed its shine, as the style remains one of the easiest and most sure-fire ways to improve a room. So, whether you have bamboo flooring, dark hardwood floors, or any other type of hardwood floor refinishing, we’ve got the tips to make your while. Click here to learn more. That said, let’s delve into the subject of hardwood flooring.

Parquet: What is it?

Parquet flooring is a historical pattern of styling hardwood floors to create mosaic-looking, decorative patterns for homes and other interior spaces. This flooring style is made by combining short wooden battens that are stacked in symmetrical yet byzantine and mosaic patterns.

Wooden flooring was at peak popularity in the 1600s, as European aristocracies fancied it due to its lower cost and maintenance compared to marble floors. The flooring style comes in several patterns, such as Chantilly, Versailles, herringbone, and Chevron.

Patterned flooring was the order of the day for the bulk of the 20th century, and parquet remains a favourite for decorators even today. Add to that its minimalist schemes and its storied history, and we find a style that has sophisticated with age and bloomed in its heritage.

The beauty of hardwood flooring is complemented by the stability and durability of fine timber. And since every block that goes into the pattern is peculiar, with stunning shades and intricate grain details, nature’s beauty resides in parquet woodwork.

Here are some tips for styling a room with parquet boards to get that pop:


Every wood flooring style is peculiar in its own way, featuring several tones, including neutral, warm, and cool. These undertones are crucial to defining interior spaces. So, for hardwood floors, you want to style a room based on the wood’s undertone.

Warmer tones vary from yellow to orange to red, all of which can be paired with similarly warm-toned accents and furniture. The same logic applies to undertones with cooler tones like grey or white. We also can’t forget neutral undertones, which are perfect because they pair well with both sides of the continuum: warm or cool-toned accents and furniture.

Think Rustic

You need not match your wooden tones when deciding on the type of furniture to pair with parquet woodwork. Of course, it’s nice when accents and furniture complement the flooring, but the aesthetic appeal isn’t necessarily lost when they don’t match.

Modern stylists tend to complement wooden flooring with wooden furniture to achieve a rough and rustic look. The idea is to create diversity in the wood, highlighting their unique stains and textures, which improves the aesthetics of the space.

Complementary Colours

Picking the correct colour scheme for interior spaces is a tricky business, especially if your choices hinge on the flooring. For parquet boards, you want to balance out the colours within the space. As mentioned earlier, the undertones of the flooring style are crucial and play a role in the types of furniture that fit the space. So, don’t forget to explore complementary colours that will elevate, tie, and balance out everything within the space.

Contrast is Crucial

One of the primary rules stylists adhere to when decorating a space is allowing for contrast. If the parquet floors incorporate dark wood, you want to introduce furniture and accents with light wood. That way, the space isn’t dull but pops and catches the eye. It also makes for balancing out tones and avoiding a monotonous, plain look.


Rugs are a staple in décor. And for food reasons, too. Introducing textiles into a parquet floored space helps to add colour and texture. Wooden flooring might be unique and beautiful, but it’s still a type of wood flooring and is as hard and cool as they come. People who live in places with parquet flooring will walk and stand and sit on the hard floor, which can be tasking on the body. But with rugs, all that discomfort is lessened, and the space looks cosier and more inviting.

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