Stylish male celebs to take inspiration from in 2016

These celebs know how important it is to be seen in the latest trends, without looking over the top – we’re looking at you Kayne. This is why they employ people in the know, to dress them and suggest what they should be wearing on a day to day basis or to big events. But which ones should you be following, scrutinising and replicating when it comes to your wardrobe?

Idris Elba

The potential next James Bond, Idris makes the ladies swoon and the men gaze in awe as he attends press events and leaves big occasions dressed in only the most stylish ensembles.
In fact, he’s so stylish there’s even an Idris Elba clothing range for Superdry, designed by the man himself, featuring slim fit polo shirts, Grandad shirts and the coolest leather jacket you’ll probably ever see.


This guy knows that stylish dressing doesn’t have to mean donning a suit and tie and putting the trainers away. He uses his usual casual ensemble as a way of power dressing and knows that he’ll still get in that club or event, even while wearing jeans and the baggiest jumper known to man. Take inspiration from Drake for your downtime and work on looks that could be worn around the house, to watch a sports game or even out for dinner with the girlfriend.

Harry Styles

Okay, we’ve covered the ‘smooth suave guy’ and the ‘casual laidback looker’ now it’s time for fun print guy. Styles is a huge fan of the printed Hawaiian shirt and while you probably still hold the misconception that you shouldn’t be seen dead in those things it’s time to embrace those tropical prints. Harry pairs his with skinny black jeans and ankle boots and ensures the shirt is always unbuttoned just a little. He’s a great role model if you’re looking to jazz up the wardrobe and are feeling a little brave.

Zayn Malik

Since leaving 1D, Zayn has become a fashion powerhouse, using his celebrity status and clothing choices to raise awareness (he apparently dyed his hair green to raise awareness of environmental issues) and to also tap into the theme at an event – we all remember those metal arms he wore to Met Gala which kind of reminded us of the Winter Soldier but rocked all the same. Apparently he’s taken notes from Idris, as there are rumours that he and Gigi Hadid are working on a fashion line together, so that’s something to look forward to.

Lucky Blue Smith

Haven’t heard of this guy? Then you really need to look him up. With his bleached blonde hair and never ending ream of stylish outfits you’ll be running out to Topshop to buy some skinny jeans even if you hate the style. Lucky found his fame on Instagram which he set up to keep in touch with friends while on modelling jobs and you can now find him posing for Vanity Fair and attending huge events, all while looking incredible of course. Throw on a basic tee and the skinny jeans to replicate his look – and perhaps consider grabbing that bottle of hair bleach…

Take a leaf out of these celeb’s books in 2016 when it comes to style and trust us, you’ll be looking good 24/7!

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