Sunny Afternoon comes to Theatre Royal Brighton

Theatre Royal Brighton is lighting up this dark time of year with a ray of pure sunshine on Tues 13 – Sat 31 Dec. Sunny Afternoon tells the captivating tale of how one of Britain’s greatest bands, The Kinks, rose to stardom.  Winner of the 2015 Olivier Award for Best New Musical, this sensational smash hit show mixes slick theatricality and ingenious storytelling.

It’s a colourful story – as the group had a complicated dynamic, repeatedly falling out with each other and those exploiting them. Soaring above it all are some incredible songs, as the majesty of the Davies brother’s song writing is truly brought to life. It transports back to 60s London, a time of optimism when the energy and magic of British music had the world in its grasp.

The Kinks enjoyed a string of chart-topping successes, and you can sing and dance along to all your favourites as the electrifying story unfolds. Going where other musicals don’t dare, Sunny Afternoon exposes the loves and losses that the band encountered on their road to fame, and delivers an emotional punch that will warm your heart and leave you buzzing for weeks. This exhilarating musical showcases many of the bands hits, including: You Really Got Me, Waterloo Sunset, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, All Day And All Of The Night, Lola, Sunny Afternoon and many, many more.

Sunny Afternoon is the story of The Kinks’ ascent, from life on a dead-end street to living the rock star dream. It’s a musical like no other, offering a real glimpse inside one of Britain’s greatest bands, on a journey through the euphoric highs and agonising lows of pop success.

Discover how The Kinks formed their iconic sound and along the way invented a whole new genre of rock. Experience the thrill of the music and the power of a live Kinks performance. Witness the band’s beginnings, as brothers Dave and Ray Davies join forces and write their first songs. Discover how they got their risqué name. Relive their barnstorming debut on Top Of The Pops, their troubled American tour, and their triumphant comeback.

One of the most influential bands of the 1960s British Invasion, The Kinks paved the way for the next decade’s hard rock. Now you can relive their story through this amazing stage show.

Sunny Afternoon comes to Theatre Royal Brighton, on Tues 13 – Sat 31 Dec 2016.

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